24 comments on “MMA H.E.A.T. Fan Feedback: 3 Questions for UFC On FOX 8”

  1. Falkner Blitz says:

    Roru is a future champ, he’s only 23 so had a lot more time to work towards it. Liz might have more pressure as now she’s ranked highly and expected to win.

  2. taner raven says:

    what’s your number that’s my question

  3. MrFza says:

    flyweights: John Dodson!!! ALL DAY!!!
    Jake or Rory: They are both so strong, hmm i go with Jake he can wrestle AND knock you the fuck out.
    Liz: Probably more. Nobody wants to be near the magical 3-loose-streak. And you dont want to be the first woman to be cut off the UFC hahaha. Thats not a good Throphy.

  4. chris mcgivern says:

    MILF all over her face an lower back

  5. Jimmy Jimenez says:

    Had against Ronda. Until the division fills out, Liz will always be one win away from being considered a title challenger and the UFC will pump out promos with that neckcrank to sell the fight. Much like the showtime kick is going to be on full display for the upcoming lightweight rematch that im already so pumped for – no promos needed! Been waiting for this rematch for years!

  6. iXielGhost says:

    sarah mcman will give ronda a run for her money heard it here first

  7. iXielGhost says:

    1) Joseph Benividez 2) Rory Macdonald 3) Less pressure

  8. QueefJuiceOverflow says:

    Troll fail.

  9. Jimmy Jimenez says:

    3) I believe the girl-rilla has equal pressure in her 2nd fight even tho if she loses it would be two in a row. If you look back prior to the Rousey fight, no one believed she had a snowball’s chance in hell to win. It seemed as if the only reason she got the fight was because asked on twitter then dana said that “no one else wants to fight Ronda” then other fighters responded with a collective “well we were never asked.” If Liz loses I dont feel that she would be cut due to her performance she

  10. Jimmy Jimenez says:

    1) Jo-B is my pic for the flyweight breakout star. He is always fun to watch, puts on a crazy pace, knocks people out and has swagger outside the cage. In his fight against DJ, Benevidez fought DJ’s fight, was chasing him all around the cage looking for that knockout ultimately leaving himself exposed to be countered. With experience and Bang in his corner, the beefcake would make a rematch a much more tough fight through patience. DJ is a great champion though, he knows how to impose his game

  11. Jimmy Jimenez says:

    2) I love watching both fighters but at this point, Ellenberger has fought more stiff competition so I would lean towards him. Yes, Rory beat BJ Penn, one of my favorites, but he had about a 30 lb advantage there. He rag dolled Nate Diaz, another 155’er. Plus gsp knows rory well but that goes both ways – Jake would be more unpredictable

  12. mhofi says:

    Flyweights are gay

  13. ARFOR DeTWENTI says:

    Benavidez. Rory. And less pressure.

  14. fawn knudsen says:

    I think she trains UFC, exclusively. Since Strikeforce was absorbed she doesn’t waver in her loyalties, now that Randy is with Bellator.

  15. tsugua27 says:

    Karyn, your neck is ripped. Just sayn

  16. Abel Lopez says:

    Uncle Creepy

  17. theMMA Calikid says:

    Jake Future champion and jonhson will remain champion

  18. fawn knudsen says:

    Thanks. I do think I’m cute.

  19. hutchinshouse says:

    1. Uncle Creepy

  20. aaronCapricorn says:

    1. flyweights and short people don’t matter
    2. Rory
    3. She didn’t come close to beating Rhonda Rousey. I can’t help but feel bad for Cat Zingano being out however.

  21. MrKingmike1231 says:

    1. Morga
    2. Rory
    3.no because she nobody so who is she now if it was somelse like chris.c
    yeah but not her shes nothing

  22. icu young says:

    1. I think Joseph Benavidez gonna be more agressif and more angry he is the break out FW 2. i Agree with you karyn Rory and jake Excellent match I go with Rory for future champ… young and tech and he is good on all aspect of the game .but.is hard am gonna tell tie for this one lololl fan of both can said maybe both 3.camouche fight have more pressure always need pouve she can be number 1 i think she can be no 1 so more pressure more pressure good result :)

  23. Hitmanzw says:

    1. John Moraga is an assassin waiting to be unleashed

    2. Rory is a beast

    3. More pressure, 2 losses in a row in the UFC is never a good thing

  24. sage4000 says:

    1. Dodson
    2. Ellenberger
    3. Less because there isn’t the pressure of fighting for the title, but more because she is probably more expected to win her next fight due to nearly choking out Ronda.

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