24 comments on “MMA H.E.A.T. Podcast #39: UFC’s Chris Weidman Talks Awful Date; Iaquinta’s Speech, Ronda vs Walmart”

  1. pete ss says:

    Karyn u should make these available at soundcloud

  2. Jamriang Jindawed says:

    Jorge won the fight plain and simple. In his own words, ‘they treated me
    like a 7-11.”
    Water Buffalo

  3. LUBMMA LUB-MMA says:

    Seriously Karyn at this rate, I tweet u out EVERY WEEK as a news story,
    mainly because u have better hair than Kenny on FOX and I have followed u
    WAYYYYYYYYYYY before that so actually liked your stuff you and ur hubby
    have always done… but man U R GONNA have to give us some LUB soon! A
    twitter follow or something….. Tis getting sad…
    I’m not feeling any #LUB here…
    I’m feeling like Ralph Macchio in the Karate kid at the new school and he
    just can’t fit in with the cool kids unless he karate chops them his old
    man friend… :*(

  4. GamerGirlBarbieDoll Vixen says:

    the mlcs are good by the way

  5. BayareaJay says:

    Wal Mart wanted to attach their name to Ronda for publicity plain and

  6. Jean Borrero says:

    fun show!

  7. Scorpioest says:

    Karyn mentioned Liam McGeary being the new Light Heavyweight Champion for
    Bellator, but if anyone “actually” saw that fight, you would “know”
    that Emanuel Newton got robbed big time. That bout really put a sour taste
    in my mouth, wish the judges wouldn’t be so rigged. The night when he
    completed, it almost felt like I was watching a WWE storyline play out.
    Newton is still the Champion in my eyes, I wouldn’t even hold McGeary in
    high regards, at this point.

  8. Karyn Bryant says:

    * Please help spread the word about our weekly podcast:
    http://www.mmaheat.com/podcast. We’re also on iTunes + Stitcher. Thanks!

  9. Carlos Correia says:

    Weidman is a true champ, he doesnt give a shit! about anything at all

  10. VonVlogs says:

    I really like Pete, but if he fell into a volcano, it’s not like its Luke
    Thomas quality hair & beard being destroyed and it’d be more humane than
    falling into Chris Weidman’s personal shitcan but hopefully none of that
    ever happens.

  11. GamerGirlBarbieDoll Vixen says:

    love this show

  12. Dr Danko says:

    Yes, Karyn throw these onto soundcloud! I love this stuff

  13. AndoGaming says:

    2-1 Al. Mastival did nothing rounds 2 and 3.

  14. brian busse says:

    that joke about being the best bellator fight was so great! lmaoooooo

  15. Chris Duncan says:

    Just use the parents bathroom. I’m gonna crap myself

  16. RSUN2012 says:

    Someone does not want Ronda to become wealthy off of their shelves. She
    pissed off the owners of Walmart, and they are punishing her by doing what
    they’ve done to her name.

  17. William K says:

    Karen, Pete doesn’t seem to know very much about MMA.

  18. Paul Demond says:

    The Comment Exchange Theater was HILARIOUS

  19. sanmiol says:

    36:36 – Karen, the movie you’re thinking of is Wedding Crashers not step

  20. RSUN2012 says:

    Something About Mary, or a Dumb & Dumber scenario is pretty much a
    nightmare in that situation. Weidman makes combat in War a joke compared to
    the literal shit he’s been through. :)

  21. privatei233 says:

    I like Karyn but I can’t stand this guy. I would watch a lot more of your
    work if he wasn’t involved.

  22. philipee32 says:

    Goddammit Pete take your alpha Brain

  23. philipee32 says:

    Hehehe me trolling I forgot what I had said. So dumb

  24. Cage Riot MMA says:

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    Chris Weidman Talks Awful Date; Iaquinta’s Speech, Ronda vs Walmart All
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