25 comments on “MMA H.E.A.T. Praise Or Pummel: Silva Conspiracies, Pacific Rim + Karyn’s Blackberry 9900”

  1. rockymtn27 says:

    Your Awesome big fan !

  2. MrDusterzz says:

    Smartphones ate actually pretty cool guy. More than phone and text. You can take pictures! Example- I haven’t got up and gone to the computer to watch YouTube in 4.5 years. yeah, I can’t properly respond to your comment but whatevs these are the breaks

  3. LilBlitz116 says:

    Silva lost. Ppl are idiots.

  4. drsta804 says:

    Im still on a flip phone from the late 90’s early 00’s.. It does everything I need a phone to do, make calls, send basic texts, the end.

  5. walter white says:

    yeah u are rite alex jones does try to push certain things on you…here is another doc u mite like 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out this doc truly made me believe that 9/11 was a inside

  6. muchohumpty says:

    watched like half of it skip of alot of the driveling, didnt think it was very interesting. seemed more like a radio podcast than anything significant

    prefered indepth non biased docs and this was made with the expose intention instead of laying out the evidence and letting the viewers come to a conslusion

  7. muchohumpty says:

    cool thanx brutha, im gonna be up for about a few hours and can check it out now. Loose change was pretty good.

  8. walter white says:

    type in on youtube 9/11 The Road to Tyranny and watch it,it will tell u everything u need to know.

  9. ufcexpert2 says:

    You are retarded. Do some proper research

  10. walter white says:

    they feed all this shit about al Qaeda & terrorism when the cia who actually controls then on record its all about taking our rites

  11. muchohumpty says:

    im not really a conspiracy theorist, Found a documentary on the incident on netflix, watched it and it made me ask a few question

    turns out even Joe rogan believes building 7 was or couldve been a contorlled demo. NO other building has collapsed from fire only the 9/11 buildings, suspicious right?

  12. muchohumpty says:

    Joe Hogan speaks on it and i randomly found a documentary on 9/11 when on netflix, watched it. And they pointed out alot of different info about alot of inconsistencies. A few things prior to 2001 were denied, and the gov possibly used terror attacks to gain leverage to do whatever they want and gain more power

  13. primetime411234 says:

    Fucking perky !

  14. primetime411234 says:

    I want to pummel you beautiful !

  15. Benjamin Dover says:

    Pacific rim sucked. You have very poor taste in movies. Cool action scenes are cool, but they can’t make a movie good

  16. darrell81 says:

    So Weidmans up 2-0. Do we really need a rematch?

  17. darrell81 says:

    Its no conspiracy, Anderson tapped. Check out middleeasy -wait-did-anderson-silva-tap-to-a-kneebar-at-ufc-162-you-decide

  18. Dominicano EC says:

    Loved this keep making them..

  19. kjohnsen045 says:

    That cleavage, skin tone, and silk shirt is an INSANE combination…

  20. wowcrazy70 says:

    Lmfaooooo jon jones is from upstate ny please dont call him a new yorker, jones is not from the concrete jungle baby he has never stepped foot in any projects in my city the inly place hes been to is time square, so when u say jones from ny it’s insulting

  21. Steve Reedy says:

    Not you Karyn.

  22. Steve Reedy says:

    Haha another dumbass comment, eat shit you dopey bitch lol.

  23. unenslaved2012 says:

    hahaha silva threw the fight yeah right haha thats so funny silva the clown was getting owned in the first round and by the second round silva knew he that weidman was not only a better man than him but a better fighter to ..anderson silva sets a terrible example for all the kids that look up to him, acting like a clown while in the octagon ..I cant stand him

  24. Karyn Bryant says:

    Haha- that’s what I meant!

  25. MMAonDemand says:

    lmao “I know I’m ethnic but I don’t scream at the movies” that’s why your my favorite mma analysts.

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