22 comments on “MMA HIGHLIGHT • BEST OF 2013 [HD]”

  1. JimtheBag says:

    Loved it, good music excellent selection of clips and put together
    masterfully. A very fresh approach, inspirational… well done! 

  2. bitchezzish says:

    zuffa taking it down in 3 … 2 …

  3. CJ Mac says:

    That last fight was bananas

  4. Atmosphereification says:

    Great work. Liked the HL alot!

  5. CJ Mac says:

    Good video idk bout song selection

  6. Morgan Mackenzie says:

    Excellent video, a lot of memories and great fights this year!… Apart
    from Gil, Sanchez at the end, no technique just brutality :). Just my
    opinion though don’t get mad Youtubers 

  7. kreso149 says:

    great job,but where’s silva vs weidman 2???
    one of the most important fights in 2013

  8. Andrew Comrie says:

    Good job dude, fuck yeah

  9. Visazinis Durnius says:

    why would you fuck up aspect ratio?

  10. Ron Martineau says:

    Showing GSP winning, but not any of the fight is my only complaint. Great
    video, could have used a little more length though :)

  11. 01REDEYEDDEVIL says:


  12. The1barney1 says:

    was awesome seeing silva getting his cocky little head smashed in, not so
    good to see the broken leg though

  13. Paul S says:

    who are in the last fight??

  14. dessspicable says:

    thanks for not putting footage of andersons leg. hespect

  15. Maicon Wins says:

    po bacana 

  16. LorenzoStinson says:

    Who is that guy on 0.27? And the guy with the red shorts at 1.00? Thanks!

  17. Daniel Danrich says:

    Great except for the shitty music

  18. Slo Bunny says:


  19. Bruno Henrique Ferreira Alves says:

    voce que fez esse video cara ?
    caralho sinistro
    curti demais
    muito bom trabalho

  20. Sandro Nelis says:

    Malade !

  21. beto5zs says:

    Parabéns, ficou muito bom o vídeo!

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