25 comments on “MMA Highlight – Goodbye 2013 By Machinemen (HD)”

  1. MachinemenTV says:

    Thank for the comments guys, I really appreciate it!

  2. Talal Khazal says:

    Goodbye is a fitting title, we said goodbye to GSP and possibly Anderson
    (at least as champs). Those were the two superheroes standing on another
    level beyond everyone else in MMA. They had been exchanging #1 and #2 P4P
    spots for years, before Jon Jones and Velasquez even put on gloves. When I
    became a fan, it was Anderson, GSP and BJ Penn who were the unbeatable
    giants of their division, and to be honest, PPV buys were higher back then
    than they are now. Thank you GSP and Anderson Silva for all the memories.
    Great highlight.

  3. Mixed Martial Arts - MMA says:

    *MMA Highlight – Goodbye 2013*


  4. AgentMonkeyzz says:

    Some great fighters ended their careers in 2013, now it seems Dominick Cruz
    might this year.. fella can’t catch a break..

  5. MrDelirian says:

    Juste exceptionnel…
    Thanks a lot.
    French fans.

  6. Mike Fight Promo says:

    Great as always, goes well with the Breaking Bad song ;)

  7. SlavRus White says:

    Weidman it is Whait man! no Niger shit, no Jones and Silva. Chris Whaitman
    and Gustafsson! Negroes must die

  8. Scott P says:

    This year is not 2014 ladies and gentlemen, this is year 2000-andchael

  9. tricepsish says:

    This was the year that champs many thought were unassailable were tested to
    the brink. Some arguably received the benefit of the doubt, others stood up
    and many crumbled… 2013 has set-up what promises to be a blockbuster year
    not only in the UFC but all MMA promotions. 

  10. Fier Vukovic says:

    Wow! Just WOW!

  11. EraserTraceur says:

    All these little racist fucks that post stupiu shit fail to realize they
    can be tracked down with their ip’s. Its the year 2014, watch your mouths
    you racist cocksuckers,Ill slit all your throats for holding society back
    to a degree.

  12. bdevil311 says:

    very cool piece. thanks for the time and effort you put into it.

  13. Eduardo Delgado says:

    Only in ufc 168 ended horribly wrong good luck Anderson Silva and good job
    Chris weidman

  14. luis b says:

    What a great video! 

  15. Ládin Šulc says:


  16. Trapper MMA says:

    Apparat – Goodbye

  17. Carlos Garcia says:

    Shane del Rosario RIP RESPECT

  18. fakk0 says:

    great work man, thank you.

  19. Patryk K says:

    Machinemen, You forgot about champion Weidman! 🙂 No one really appreciate

  20. vincent vega says:

    i like your videos mate

  21. Swolle House says:

    What about demitrios johnson?!?!

  22. Imu Sherman says:

    2:15 Watch that man rise this year!

  23. ukmukfuck says:

    Thx Mach!

    Great vid!

  24. brwellstx says:

    No women? Really? Nothing significant happened with women’s MMA in 2013? No
    highlights like Holly Holm’s headkick finish?

  25. Ivan Petrov says:

    You are doing great job synchronizing video moments with audio elements,and
    a master in capturing the emotions.
    Another masterpiece!
    Top notch Highlight,keep the good work Machinemen!

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