13 comments on “MMA Highlight – Most Exciting Sport in the World”

  1. extvMMA says:

    should have called it UFC highlight

  2. haarith balesaria says:

    wow this is the kind of highlight ive always wanted someone to make to show an overveiw of what this sport is about. and to try and get others to watch it

  3. JamezJitsu says:

    yh but check the tags lol

  4. Keith Farrell says:


  5. DanielReedLockard says:

    That was Awesome

  6. Killcycle1989 says:

    that was a nice video thank and may i ask, what did Dana say at the end? I couldn’t understand.

  7. tonyy815 says:

    love it!  great! fantastic!

  8. icon jonhson says:

    Good job.

  9. kevinsmammaxd says:

    if he would Zuffa would spot the video in a second and delete it

  10. JamezJitsu says:

    Great Vid…… but your title should be ufc highlight becuase you didnt use any bellator,pride,dream,shooto,wsof. Still great vid bro

  11. vDanzo says:

    amazing video man

  12. ExodiaMMA says:

    thanks man 🙂

  13. kevinsmammaxd says:

    Glad you’re back again 🙂

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