25 comments on “MMA in India: Super Fight League 12 : Mahmoud Ashour Vs Kario Issac Maheo”

  1. Emrah Karaca says:

    That music played between round 1 and 2, is made by a bicycle horn i

  2. stupidreligionz says:

    omg these girls “dancing” i really cant watch them… they are just focred
    to “dance”. its fake as hell and that bothers me. better if they werent

  3. Losii Osah says:

    Isaac has a killer abs ….
    kep it up..!

  4. 973parrain says:

    lol…Why KARIO don’t boxing? BAD

  5. Ali Zalusky says:


  6. Ahmed Rezaei says:

    Fucking Indians

  7. Syed Salman says:

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  8. Troxll Rose says:

    So are you an American now?? Fuckin Panda??

  9. Troxll Rose says:




  11. Fernando lopez soria says:

    lol that indian dance its kinda cool

  12. beyondlimit2013 says:

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  13. Vam TheAnomaly says:

    Ultimate tea bag @ 7:00

  14. Thetrollmaster2000 says:

    why so insecure about your penis size? you must have a baby dick to be so
    self-conscious about this topic ROFL

  15. Harry Pennont says:

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  16. Nicola Pizzarelli says:

    that’s crap

  17. Raj Chaudhari says:

    Nothing wrong wit dat bitch why being gay talking about dicks dumb ass hoe

  18. ffs dmc says:

    damn the indian guy has some serious abs

  19. Frankie shadap says:

    the commentators are so annoying…..do they even know shit about what
    theyre talkin bout….and please loose the bitch

  20. KillerGhost says:

    6:51 WTF !!!

  21. chocol8yum says:

    Can we minus the female commentator please….

  22. Rahul Pandey says:

    avg dick 1.5 . Japanese and Koreans ( haaaaaaaa) . we are talking about
    having a dick not a chinky pussy .

  23. Richard Tang says:

    This is gay for the first few minutes I must say

  24. G Linton says:

    It was funny as hell when he knocked the ish outta the asian guy at 16:31.
    Also the Liu Kang kick at 12:02 during round 2.

  25. BigDaddyG13 says:

    And have the highest paying jobs in the world, and be smart, go check the
    top 10 richest people in America, tell me how many indians you see.

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