25 comments on “MMA in India: Super Fight League 14 – HAITHAM TANTAWY Vs BAZ MUHAMMAD MUBAREZ”

  1. habibtanos says:

    pashtuna hatman kon kada boodet dar jungle khod 😉 😉

  2. Mega Miladinho says:

    Afghanistan <3

  3. Sultan Khan says:

    Proud of you Baz Mohammad..

  4. airpickone says:

    I am Afghan and this Afghan is a disgusting show of sportsmanship. He does not touch gloves like a normal fighter who has respect. Rather he hits his arm in anger. Then the Egyptian brother puts his hand out to touch gloves. And that arrogant fool does not return the gesture. I hate people like this.

  5. Mohammad Hashim says:

    Proud of AFGHANISTAN….and respect for Egypt

  6. obaidjoyan says:

    I am an afghan and Egyptians are our brothers we love them. I hope to see other countries fight with afghan fighters especially fight with our lion seyar bahadurzada to show them a taste if afghan people. Allah bless you all. Love you egypt and egyptians. Come on fight us 101.

  7. PutOnMe100times says:

    Afghanistan is always champion if your neighbors let us ready for some time

  8. edrees40 says:

    2 gosh kam daree aga neee sam khaar asteee!!!! lalem mardom da peshe begana yak qawme khuda bad namiga Adam shooo

  9. kabulylover says:

    دشمنان بيبينيد اگر همراي أفغان ها خود بزنيد اين سرنوشت تان خواهد بود Long life of Afghanistan

  10. mrsillywalk says:

    Good commentators. If you watch American fights they talk gibberish about American Football most of the time. Very disrespectful of the effort of the fighters.There are some amazing fights to be seen on the SFL.

  11. Hamid Khan says:

    Well done Baz Mohammad Mubarez, all Afghans are proud of you.

  12. Hamid Khan says:

    Tal de ve Afghanistan, Zindabad Afghanistan

  13. Sharif Najafi says:

    Afghanistan nice fight. good more further.

  14. PhillyChimp420 says:

    Baz Muhhamed stole the show IMO. This guy has all the tools it takes to become an SFL champion. Very impressive

  15. nisar amiri says:

    watandar noshee janet bakhoda kamyab basheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  16. wakil merza says:

    tashakur baz muhammad jan

  17. Seerat Ahmad says:

    dashnam dadan kar khobi nist faqat bgoin zinda bad qahraman hai afghanistan ,

  18. shahramashrat says:

    Both of them r brothers doesn’t matter who wins. Long life Afghanistan and Egypt( Shahram from Afghanistan) like f u agree

  19. islam reda says:

    fuck your ass

  20. Ashoghhossein Moradi says:

    wow zenda bad afghanistan :))))

  21. cico sami says:

    Kill this arabian motherfucker

  22. Sayed Mujtaba Masood says:

    great congrat Baz Moh!

  23. Arris Mads says:

    Wow what a great man zenda bad sheer bache afghan

  24. hadiebabakhani says:

    proud of u brooo congratzz… zenda bad afghanistan xxx

  25. Mohamed Naeem says:

    The commentator said something about jungle or Jungle rule, you guys don’t have to take it serious .

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