22 comments on “MMA in India: Super Fight League 15 – Michael Page Vs Ramdan Mohamed”

  1. cygnusdomain says:

    Ye kaun se Akhaada ke pahalwaan hain? Kala pahalwaan daru pee kar ladai karne aya tha kya sala

  2. no15145 says:

    Won’t be doing that shit in the ufc, pride, or bellator

  3. TheEnlightenedMonkey says:

    He has good footwork great timing but I still want to to see Page against a skilled wrestler.

  4. Daniel Souza says:

    Não tem nada a ver com o Spider, Mais ele é o verdadeiro clone de Jon Bones Jones até os golpes é iguais

  5. MrDaluz says:

    Se ele pegar um boxeador que atinja o figado dele, ele não vai aguentar 3 porradas bem dadas e vai parar de se esquivar para trás!

  6. MrDaluz says:

    É muita falha no jogo do cara…quando ele pegar um cara mediano ele já vai levar um pau! Se pegar um cara do jiu jitsu então, dorme rapidinho!Metade da luta ele foge…desrespeita o adversário, só levando porrada pra aprender!

  7. XiaoPow says:

    Same here. He’s impressive and flashy, but how effective is he against good competition? This is what we need to see!

  8. Aleks B says:

    camera crew, please stop zooming in all over, especially with a fast paced fight, we want to see action not face of guy.

  9. weschtdudes says:

    Busy Men

  10. Antonio Jose Osuna Mascaró says:

    And A. Pettis!

  11. Rauno Tõnts says:

    Time to step up in competition for MVP. Not sold until i see him against someone worthy.

  12. DaRampageChamp says:

    You’re delusion if you think that anything Page is doing resembles what Silva and Jones do. They are technically sound, this fool is not.

  13. MrGetthefuckup says:

    looked like Ramdan gave up and gave his back to Mvp and didn’t even attempt to defend the choke

  14. CrybabyKiller2012 says:

    Tell that to A. Silva and J. Jones.

  15. CrybabyKiller2012 says:

    You’re out of your mind, if you believe that.

  16. KoolGNasBlackThought says:

    Commentators are horrible.. They don’t even know what’s going on

  17. KoolGNasBlackThought says:

    you can’t really make the comment until he gets a couple losses on his record.. He uses the same style he used in his kickboxing days and obviously it’s working for him so who are you to say that?

  18. DaRampageChamp says:

    Page needs to get to a real gym and learn some legitimate skills. He will never get anywhere fighting the way he does now.

  19. Reeemix31 says:

    shitty camera angle

  20. MMA4LIFE20 says:

    Lol he just gave him the choke like a bitch xD

  21. Chris Reed says:

    Love watching this guy fight!

  22. D Cord says:

    Page is a tool. no talent, no class

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