20 comments on “MMA in India Super Fight League 17 Daniel Amar singh Vs Mohamed Abdel Karim”

  1. PunjabiBall3r says:

    Just wondering, I’m Indian from Punjab and live in America. Didn’t know UFC was so big in India.

  2. the20hunk says:

    why do you ask ? thinking about paying me a visit ?? …..lol , originally i am from Delhi but i live in Mumbai …. what abt you ??

  3. PunjabiBall3r says:

    Whatever floats your boat… Where are you from in India?

  4. the20hunk says:

    learn how to comprehend a written sentence , i wrote that ” i’d rather watch two newbies slug it out than watch a boring fight between jon jones and anderson sliva ” i you cant understand what i mean by that i am done with you …..

  5. PunjabiBall3r says:

    You just put “boring” in the same sentence as Jon Jones and Anderson Silva. I’m done with my work here.

  6. yokosack says:

    the most bias anouncers ever.

  7. majesty774 says:

    @the20hunk Relax kid. It is my opinion.

  8. kokoriko999 says:

    0 skill

  9. phuck yoo says:

    the guy who lost looked like a roided up clay guida

  10. jeb bro says:

    lol the way they move so funny, and the guys grunted at him hahaha awesome.

  11. the20hunk says:

    messed up how ??? by three rounds of lay and pray ??? thats assuming they will be successful with the takedown if not than its nighty night ….. this is a minor league and these guys are not on the same level as the fighter in ufc or bellator , so comparing them to ufc fighters is simply moronic , with that being said i’d rather watch two newbies slug it out than watch a boring fight between jon jones and anderson sliva , if you dont like it nobody is forcing you to watch it ….

  12. the20hunk says:

    than what are you doing by watching this video ?? PHD in self contradiction ??

  13. Lilou Salvador says:


  14. RassaBboy says:

    does aybody else want the commentators to shut the fuck up?

  15. ICE999KOLD says:

    Haters gonna hate.

    SFL taking over

  16. 182Mills says:

    Hendo v Machida wasn’t a good fight, But I’d rather watch Machida hit pads than this

  17. PunjabiBall3r says:

    So you name one fight that was decent and think it represents UFC as a whole?? Machida is a counter fighter and thats how he fights if you ever watched his fights. These guys would get messed up by Wrestlers in high school.

  18. the20hunk says:

    to all those faggots who are here to bitch about ufc fighter’s caliber , go watch Machida vs Dan Henderson and tell me which fight you would rather watch ???

  19. the20hunk says:

    there are many fighers in TKO that don’t stand a chance in UFC along with fighters in 100+ other minor mma promotions , its a no brainier captain obvious …..

  20. majesty774 says:

    Neither fighter stands a chance against UFC pedigree

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