20 comments on “MMA in India: Super Fight League 29”

  1. Farah Khan says:

    I like it

  2. ElCorleo2007 says:

    Baz v Khamitov was great!

  3. skeyefeye says:

    You forgot one of the greatest fighters are from india, Dhalsim.

  4. scooterss2112 says:

    eeeks here goes them horns again. Makes me wanna puke.

  5. John Doe says:

    why are middle eastern ppl so bad at fighting lolz

  6. Irish Maniac says:

    @47:00 the dude throwing helicopter punches I’ve seen amputees throw better punches

  7. Neville Cassad says:

    Congrats, Sumeet Khade, All in Your DMCE College , Airoli are Proud of You. Keep Going and Wish You to reach the Pinacle in SFL.

  8. Mad Matt says:

    very good fights, no boring shit. the fighters are not “the best” but very entertaining fights. gj SFL

  9. yashin592000 says:

    u can not just rely on your wrestling skills.some of the fighters need to improve their stand up.but i enjoyed the fights.day by day sfl is going better.

  10. willsnavycut says:

    I fully agree.

  11. t hebowpools says:

    keith and mukesh 17.03 awkward

  12. nader nadri says:

    Yah i realy enjoyed to see this fight the both figthers are very strong . khamitov have a much experience . but Baz muhammad is very strong fighter u can see it. Afghan lion bravo i think that this match was draw. AFghanistan long life

  13. Nasser Wafa says:

    Baz Muhammad your the winner.. proud of you
    long life Afghanistan <3

  14. Randomntn says:

    Good fights but the commentating is painful.

  15. Murtada Ali says:

    Enjoyed the show……….(Y)

  16. dancingmephisto says:

    Khamitov looks like having experience in sambo, Baz on the other hand is strong…

  17. t hebowpools says:

    ive enjoyed seeing the sfl metamorphasize from another cashed up spectacle to a brand of mma evan if still in its infancy zuffa would have noticed too

  18. sonia sha says:

    baz is growing he is afghan watch his next fight

  19. sonia sha says:

    baz mohammad you are the best we love you keep it up good on you for me you are a winner

  20. Murtada Ali says:

    well deserved khamitov………good job dude….

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