7 comments on “MMA in India: Super Fight League 31”

  1. MMA FAN says:

    Still behind in terms of fighter skill but they are doing better!

  2. t hebowpools says:

    lose the white weigh in box with the chipped corners

  3. Farah Khan says:

    Fight is awesome

  4. Kush Verma says:

    Why wasn’t mehndi nasseri disqualified for illegal kick? No point deduction, not even a warning. Just to put mehndi over, screwing with the rule and spirit of mma. A sucker of a decision, had it been some unpopular talent he’d have been dq’ed straightaway

  5. raj chauhan says:

    what a piece of crap

  6. Boney257 says:

    The referee stops the fight too quick

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