9 comments on “MMA In South Africa: Fightland Meets Costa Ioannou”

  1. Fightland says:

    In 2013, Fightland traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa, to meet the
    former Extreme Fighting Championship lightweight champion and check out the
    burgeoning African MMA scene.

  2. Bear Ford says:

    I don’t like how the fightland channel never really shows fights

  3. The_Vexed_One says:

    The guy is determined, but South African Guys lack a fundamental skill in
    the octagon, and that is ground skill. I really hope that he fares better
    than other fighters that have had the privilege to fight for the UFC. If he
    can find a professional trainer for the ground aspect, he will be great.

  4. Phillip Jiminez says:

    Awesome fightland.

  5. scottsimcox says:

    P4P video with the most people accidentally walking into an interview.

  6. nick Ronin says:

    bravo!!! re costara kai sintoma kai sto ufc.

  7. Nick R. Pleeze says:


  8. onelovesoulfighter says:


  9. Vicky P. says:

    Bravo palikarh!! Sou efxome ta kalitera kai elpoiso na se thoume sto UFC

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