16 comments on “MMA Live Extra: Belfort KO’s Rockhold”

  1. dirtyscorner says:

    Wow , what a Ko.

    Check out my channel where i interview Ufc / Mma fighters. Just uploadedd my Che Mills interview from yesterday & check out my interview with Valentino Petrscu….you will be shocked at what he say’s about Aussie coach George Sotiropoulos.

  2. SpydaMonster says:

    i was watching this live. damn i picked the wrong time to sneeze. lmao

  3. Nate Morris says:

    How did Jon Anik time that so perfect?

  4. Learner OfTruth says:

    Vitor all of a sudden became quicker, younger, more powerful, more muscular, more vascular at the bad half of his 30’s…… lol, if he’s allowed to juice so openly and so blatantly, then everyone should be able to do the same. It’s obvious he had an unfair advantage. Bisping and Chael are equally cheaters so its not a race thing.

  5. mbelma6329 says:

    Belfort looks like he gained 40 lbs of pure muscle overnight. Something is going on there for sure

  6. kevinsmammaxd says:

    belfort wont beat anderson he always gets afraid in the big fights just stay still

  7. James Butler says:

    Belfort is cheating, Plan and simple. Trt is the main reason he connected that kick. If anyone trains like a mma guy. U know how rough it is on u. At his age with a past history of juiceing. He cant use trt in,the us or anyother established governing body. Cant be a champ, if cant get trt use in tge states. Ufc is smart work Belfort for a major headlinner in out side us fights. Major money us in us and Canada. He cant preform in us look at Jones fight

  8. dkkoover says:

    TrT steroid abuser

  9. 0492panda says:

    vitor is a beast!!

  10. SuperReject23 says:

    Right Ton Grisham use to be a wwe reporter?

  11. vtjakiela says:

    why would a big muscle head fighter need any more testosterone? I dont see why they are even debating this Belford CLEARLY doesnt need any extra hes taking steroids solely to get an unfair advantage.



  13. Ricardoe18 says:

    i dont wanna see Vitor fight Anderson again

  14. iveymatusow says:


  15. mateussw93 says:

    After defeating Weidman and GSP/Jones, silva should fight Belfort again.

  16. Mrgummiwurm says:

    TRT at the finest

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