8 comments on “MMA Live Extra: Bisping Previews UFC on FX”

  1. ivanzc11 says:

    Bisping has a small chance against belfort but he will get f#@% n murdered by silva his weak ass chin, slow ass striking and overall weak ass has no chance and this mofo needs subtitles on the radio son!

  2. gunjeetsingh says:

    Bisping would get beat to death by Lombard. It would be another classic beating like that Hendo gave him. It really is a miracle that Bisping is alive after absorbing that punch.

  3. wstintimelikeitsfree says:

    He’s an angry little midget.

    -Michael Bisbing

  4. abbywatson13 says:

    bisping got this.

  5. Reyrocksall says:

    I don’t like Bisping, but cheaters should never win.

  6. Ricardoe18 says:


  7. mmanouvelles says:

    Go Belfort

  8. blindbrad11 says:

    angry bird lmao

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