23 comments on “MMA Live Extra: Chael Sonnen on Jones, Future”

  1. K3BANG says:

    LOL Sonnen is a mad character. She wanted the d for sure haha

  2. angelvelasquez134081 says:

    Jones is not going to destroy him im chael fanboy and cain I go to team like chael and he is a lot better then people think he is just because he lost to the best fighter in the world…

  3. kingofkingsHHH7 says:

    She wants the Chael P Sonnen D!

  4. henrooo says:

    4:00 Classic pose; I think he spooked the young lady for a second.

  5. callmeCAYLOR says:

    Clearly that poor woman is star struck and mesmerized by the looks and charm of Chael P. Sonnen. Had that interview lasted any longer we would have started seeing symptoms of salivation; she wants the D, but what young lady wouldn’t?

  6. Joe Weezy says:

    Nice try Sonnen but you will fail

  7. Mixedhero says:

    Seems like he plans to Retire either way, kinda sad but if there’s nothing left for him to do in this sport then that’s the way it is.

  8. Nina Z says:

    i can´t wait to see Jon Jones killing this fucking trash talker….

  9. canaryskies says:

    Chael Sonnen is like a modern day Mohammed Ali but better because he’s white…

  10. Bi3berhole69 says:

    Seems like Chael plans on retiring if/when he gets a world title…

  11. jhyug105 says:

    chael smashed that.

  12. dblocknyc says:

    say what you want but i rather pay to see chael, a fighter who ALWAYS brings the fight and tries to win AND makes the lead up exciting.. these guys b*tch bout Chael but yet there not exciting and fights suck

  13. kevinsmammaxd says:

    why are they beeping “ass”

  14. kevinsmammaxd says:

    that reporter has the fakest accent i have ever heard in my life



  16. rabelojorge1 says:

    Big Sonnen fan here, but i disliked that interview. I’ve find Sonnen’s attitude preceding this fight a bit odd. With Anderson Silva, he was all about the belt, that was what truly moved him. Now, all of sudden, the belt is of no importance.
    Also, he sounded like he’ll retire after this fight. I’m starting to feel this is just one last main event for him to say goodbye to his MMA carreer, which is probably why Dana gave him the fight in the first place, kinda as a “thank you for your services”.

  17. Joe HU says:

    chael sonne by spinning backfist

  18. Joe HU says:

    chael sonnen by spinning backfist

  19. HeIIoHater says:

    i thought chael was going for a spank at the end lol

  20. EvilSecondTwin says:

    We, Chael Sonnen fans, need to order this fight, guys. Let’s show Uncle Dana how loyal and supportive we are to have a fighter as Sonnen!

  21. Giuseppe Urso says:

    That girl dont have mic skills

  22. gunfighterdrummer says:

    no that was CHAEL!

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