11 comments on “MMA Live Extra: Henderson Ready to Get Hand Raised”

  1. Vyktor3010 says:

    Relax. I LOVE Henderson. I think he’s one of the purest fighters we’ve ever seen do his thing. All I said is that a loss can haunt you and that I hope that the loss and the SPECTACULAR way it happened doesn’t play on his mind in a negative way.

  2. jacob bellamy says:

    his loss was over 3 years ago, what the fuck are you talking about he has had 6 fights since then……

  3. nerdysatisfaction says:

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  4. Logan Owsley says:

    Fuck Benson Henderson…

  5. Vyktor3010 says:

    The Anthony Pettis loss is really still with him. Hope he can beat it.

  6. Joe Weezy says:

    Benson had a toothpick in his mouth the whole time lmao. He literally has it with him all the time even in fights

  7. TheGambit206 says:

    Ben Hendersen is a fucking beast!

  8. highlander2107 says:

    Excited about this fight.

  9. sthao1 says:

    Ben will win via unanimous decision.

  10. DEEPSEAharpoon says:

    206 born and raised,,,,,,,,Bendo FedWay

  11. Ricardoe18 says:

    Bendo will dominate

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