25 comments on “MMA Live Extra: Jon Jones on Sonnen, Next Chapter”

  1. Turd Fergasen says:

    sonnen isnt even that good. his best skill is wrestling and Jones is an amazing wrestler. Only way sonnen can win is a lucky haymaker. and his striking is awful… 2% chance of winning for sonnen

  2. willmolinar says:

    He seems like a really bright guy. Good for him.

  3. dogspoo2000 says:

    He is gonna destroy sonnen!

  4. tony montana says:

    change one thing…hmm…how bout not crashing my 300,000 dollar bentley with 2 girls in it

  5. ExoticSneaker23 says:

    This is Uriah vs

  6. ExoticSneaker23 says:

    Jones got this fight in the bag !! Go Johnny !!

  7. zabbok says:

    Jones wants to move up to HW!

  8. Zando24 says:

    He hit him in the ribs. Or, he could have been dropping down, hoping Jon would enter his guard, because he knew he had no chance of winning the fight on the feet, and had almost submitted him from his guard earlier in the fight. Likely the first scenario, but either way…almost certainly wasn’t fixed

  9. tetorin96 says:

    Jones all Day!!!!

  10. Mixedhero says:

    He hit him with the heel on the ribs. That shit hurts.

  11. supralee says:

    it was not on kick that hurt vitor went to fight ones with broken ribs,so if jon hit him with side kick he felt great pain in those ribs.

  12. JamezJitsu says:

    also breaking your foot. my brother checked one of my kicks with his elbow and that was really bad.

  13. PensOfDoom says:

    She sure is alright in my books.

  14. Thug Nastii says:

    How is he #1??? he’s not the champ , Jon Jones is #1

  15. kevinsmammaxd says:

    a punch to the solar plexus hurt but getting caught with the heel right in the solar plexus is one of the worst pain a human being can suffer that and a nutshot
    somepeople need to be thought that

  16. JamezJitsu says:

    Shit 2 years ago i competed in this tkd tourney and i got dropped by that same kick. except the guy didnt get me with the side kick. he front kicked me to solar plexus damn that and breaking my foot are the worst pains ive ever felt in my life.

  17. Dan Hendo says:

    yeah it’s fixed, knockouts are fake too, retard, you must be a pro wrestling fan, or really new to mma to say crap like that! or your balls have just dropped!

  18. Dan Hendo says:

    i like sonnen too, but dude do you really think he will beat jones?

  19. kevinsmammaxd says:

    that was a heel right on the solar plexus it hurts a little when it lands then the pain increases
    he had to drop if he would stay up with that pain he could got finished
    let me kick you in the solar plexus and see how you react

  20. GuidesAndTipsForYou says:

    Jon Jones is gonna get his ass beat. Get your facts right. Sonnen is #1 and you know it.

  21. Desi9 says:

    watch the fight, vitor was getting beat to the body the whole fight prior to that kick.

  22. Turd Fergasen says:

    LOL FUCK YOU chael sonnen is gonna get his ass beat.

  23. Turd Fergasen says:

    shes hot. wouldnt mind cleaning her pores with my semen

  24. cpilfold420 says:

    1:37..uhhh..he barely hits him with a kick, then vitor drops to the ground like 4 seconds later..fixed?

  25. sthao1 says:

    @dboi823 thats gay. This “i dont want to fight him because i look up to him” gtfo my face. That is a cop out.

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