9 comments on “MMA Live Extra: Jones Ties Ortiz”

  1. rfc2031 says:

    chael has never beat an elite fighter ever, he’s always failed against the best guys but he did say before the jones fight in a interview with ariel that we wouldn’t retire with a loss and he said same thing in post press conference that he isn’t done yet, wandy would ko him out though so he better be careful what he wishes for.

  2. Sig Kongo says:

    agreed. that ref was a fucking moron. the fact that chael got up almost instantly shouldve been the light-bulb that he was still defending himself properly

  3. shaqpopcorn34 says:

    tito isn’t even close…..he got to 5 by dodging liddell….there is no comparison between tito and jon jones……tito at his very best would get his ass kicked

  4. TheMachineism says:

    Jon Jones is an amazing fighter but Tito Ortiz will always be the best light heavy weight ever

  5. Tdotbwoy says:

    Everybody has dropped Chieck kongo idk see how its such a good knockout

  6. kevinsmammaxd says:

    machida and gus is good challenges
    machida arubaly won round 1 against jones
    and jones said it was his most difficult fight
    and gus is actually bigger than jones
    jones just have a bigger reach
    if not the winner of glover and te huna would be good both of them are powerful strikers
    imo he should stay at lhw and defend his belt against winner of gus and machida and winner of glover and te huna and cormier
    then anderson silva
    and then move up to hw and fight struve (reach) then a title shot

  7. Logan Owsley says:

    Ref stopped the fight way too early man….

  8. turkishdeaththreat says:


  9. Ricky Bobby says:

    There’s not really many options for Jones that he isn’t going to absolutely destroy!

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