6 comments on “MMA Live Extra: Liz Carmouche on Fighting in UFC”

  1. Thre3ya says:

    Why is ESPN intentionally trying to make the UFC look bad with these unnecessary questions like “Has the ufc really used either your sexuality or your military experience to market this fight?” “Does this division actually depend on the success of Ronda Rousey?” “So what happens to the bantamweight division if you do beat Ronda Rousey?”. Props to Liz for answering the way she did, and Espn keep trying, your not gonna win.

  2. d314j4 says:

    @samoa299 lol

  3. samoa299 says:

    Thats a weird looking kitchen.

  4. Julio Martinez says:

    she is a gangsta

  5. Logan Owsley says:

    Spoiler- Rousey wins by Arm Bar

  6. Brad Nale says:

    She’s strong..

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