5 comments on “MMA Live Extra: Nogueira vs Werdum”

  1. Mohamed Ahmed says:

    thiago silva got this one , by stamina

    he needs to wair him out frestruate him and finish him in the third

  2. simran singh says:

    Thiago Silva is my favourite fighter, I have followed him from ATT. He is a mad mad dog. He comes in to kock u the FCUKKKK OUT. But Cavalcente no joke either. Anyways Thiago HOPEFULLY WINNNSSS. Please god make it happen for me.

  3. Marcus Aurelius says:

    Good hair.

  4. SydewalkClosed says:

    Wtf is up with that hair!?

  5. knicks9899 says:

    That sunshine makes your hair look even lamer.

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