25 comments on “MMA Live Extra: Sonnen Campaigns for UFC 161 Fight”

  1. Jake Smith says:

    Highly doubt that.Actually I think this would be a bad fight for shogun imo.I could see chael taking him down and beating him up for 3 rounds easy, but he def cnt get caught on the feet by shogun or taken down himself.

  2. 1ceYourPimpHand says:

    “With Lil Nog injured, @ShogunRua is left opponentless 2 weeks out; #ufc161 will proceed with 11 fights and Shogun will fight on a card soon” – UFC’s official twitter.

  3. 86joshcragg says:

    sonnen vs shogun …FOR THE “PEOPLES” TITLE….CANT WAIT!!

  4. shinsama3333 says:

    Noooo… How’d you get that.. I was just saying how that has to suck for Rua. Preparing for a boxer to now have to switch to a wrestler. I actually think Rua should WASH Chael but I don’t want see one of my fav fighters waste an outing on this pointless jackass. This fight does nothing for him.

  5. Calvin Suwendy says:

    Your comment indirectly stated that Rua should back out. Come on already, This is the ULTIMATE fighting championship, you are a fighter, you should be ready. It’s true that he didnt perform really well in his last fight but he doesnt back out from fights like other fighters, that’s one thing that i like and i think other fighters should adapt that attitude.

  6. beamerball4420 says:

    Shogun will be reminded the hard way why you never piss off a gangster!

  7. 1ceYourPimpHand says:

    Don’t think that fight will happen, the UFC hasn’t said anything about this fight.

  8. Calvin Suwendy says:

    he only talks his way up when fighting jones (he was the only one that accepts the fight on short notice). It just amuses me when people talk on how chael also talked his way up for silva’s rematch, he deserved it. Look at cain, after 1 match against big foot, he gets the title shot. The guys can talk but he can also fight good. haters everywhere 🙂

  9. doublebassaxisdrummr says:

    Chael would have trouble taking Shogun down? I think not…

  10. lemonorange355 says:

    was I the only one who couldn’t stop laughing at 2:57

  11. NateDiaz Shakur says:


  12. HeIIoHater says:

    sonnen vs shogun? that would be awesome

  13. beamerball4420 says:

    The walk!

  14. beamerball4420 says:

    I would love to see all these pussies that talk shit about ufc fighters actually step up and walk r

  15. ben franklin says:

    true, but silva is the best so STFU goof

  16. ben franklin says:

    He stepped up when nobody else did UFC 151, Dana threw him the shot out of respect for stepping up.

  17. Sad Cantaloupe says:

    He only talked his way into the Jones fight.

  18. Davidson Alan says:

    Chael Sonnen has 7-1 in lasts fighter(Not title fights)I think chael UD.

  19. OTKP says:

    He just talk his way into big matches…you call that “GOOD” and he still have yet to win any of those Big Matches, oh right he almost defeated Silva that is why he is good right? LOL

  20. shinsama3333 says:

    I’am too, but say something intelligent. You clearly didn’t pay attention to my comment and responded foolishly. That little boy, internet shit talking is weak homie. My opinion is that they should give someone else a shot at Rua. Just not Chael.. anyone but him. As a fan, If he’d put up a decent fight against Bones I wouldn’t had said much.. but he didn’t “HE GOT FUCKIN WASHED”.

  21. TopShelf says:

    Chael and “exciting” shouldn’t be used in the same sentence, in regards to a fight. Chael is not a “exciting” fighter at ALL. I was going to buy 161 solely for the Rua vs Nog fight, but now I’ll pass.

  22. shinsama3333 says:

    My boy said the same thing. Also everyone keeps saying how brave Chael is. All those fighters are brave but Chael doesn’t have anything to lose in these fights and everything to gain. He’s smart, he’s a politician surrounded by fighters. I tired of this WWE feel i’m getting from UFC lately.

  23. Sad Cantaloupe says:

    You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about.

  24. Sad Cantaloupe says:

    I don’t see how my avatar represents an internet tough guy, I’m a fan of Mike Tyson that’s all. Baby clown avatar.

  25. shinsama3333 says:

    He’s a gr8 wrestler, granted. But Gotd damn son, how long ago was that, I’m talking about now, recently. He’s been getting all these high profile fights and doesn’t perform as well as his mouth. That Jones fight stopped early but he got washed the entire time. I wasn’t really all that intrigued by Rua Nog II but this.. Come on UFC. Rua prepared for a boxer and an unorthodox one at that to now.. switched to a wrestler. i mean Chael also strikes unorthodox so that may help but that wrestling …

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