24 comments on “MMA Live Extra: Top 5 All-Time Best Middleweights in MMA”

  1. J Smith says:

    Chael P Sonnen

  2. gunjeetsingh says:

    Dan Henderson Number 2? LOL. This list is a joke. Especially ranking Chael Sonnen and Rich Franklin above Dan Henderson? Dan henderson should be no 2. He was pride Middleweight and LHW Champ. ENOUGH SAID!!!

  3. thedags22 says:

    Rich Franklin second? ESPN be playing mind games with us thats some bullllllshit

  4. kevinsmammaxd says:

    who should be in there instead of him?

  5. LenchMob97 says:

    rich franklin ahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahhahahah

  6. Gabriel Peregrino says:

    stupid list. 

  7. easdasalvi says:

    Guys it’s best MMA middleweight list not best UFC list.

  8. easdasalvi says:

    180 is 180 Who did Vanderlei Silva beat for the 180 title Sakuraba. No matter what the organization labels it Shogun and Vanderlei both participated in 180 and were both vicious in their prime.

  9. zino93190 says:

    WHAT ? SONNEN ahead of dan henderson ???? HAHAHAHAHA

  10. JusticeBringer3 says:

    Shogun and Wanderlei are Light Heavyweights, not Middleweights. Pride had different labeling for their championships.

  11. JusticeBringer3 says:

    In Pride, nothing was called Light Heavyweight. 205 was Middleweight, 183 was Welterweight, and 161 was Lightweight. Also, Franklin hasn’t even been able to win 3 in a row since losing to Anderson Silva. His only successful title defenses were David Loiseau and Nate Quarry.

  12. JusticeBringer3 says:

    Dan Henderson is only 4?! That’s a joke.

  13. mrBarryBadrinath22 says:

    How’s is this guy an analyst?? What a fuck tard. Espn on mma is just terrible

  14. Zer0SkiLL789 says:

    Yea it’s such a joke that the best fighters on the planet are squaring off with eachother wow what a joke… lol some people man I swaer

  15. lolkenny1987 says:

    Same old, same old. Michael Bisping will always be underrated!

  16. sinistercharlie says:

    UFC has no history, why dun they wait another 10 years then come out with an all time great. Mma is a joke

  17. Jacob Reed says:


  18. easdasalvi says:

    My list is 5.Sakuraba 4.Shogun Rua 3.Vanderlei Silva 2.Dan Henderson and 1.Anderson Silva.

  19. ediaz934 says:

    Worst list ever

  20. LJ3pg23 says:

    Finally some respect for chael! I would have put chael 4, Franklin 3 and Hendo 2, but that’s just my opinion. If bisping beats Belfort and takes Anderson to at least 2-3 rounds he should crack top 5

  21. Tomas Klicius says:

    Bullshit! where is Wanderlei Silva?!?

  22. BigNuckles100 says:

    Seriously, how is Sonnen even on that list? This list is bizarre…Dan Henderson has probably the best resume in the UFC ever.

  23. DrGravityOG says:

    I kinda agree with this list but you know who am I to judge. And fuck Todd Grisham what the hell does he know about fighting he was a WWE interviewer

  24. Robert Paulo says:

    good job @ adam hill

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