17 comments on “MMA Live Extra: Top 5 Fighters in 2013”

  1. wulfis says:

    I think that the “new” Vitor is to beat the next Silva-Weidman winner!!

  2. Lexruger1249 says:

    Bring MMA to NewYork! Gay marriage is legal but MMA is not? SMH

  3. whayes8084 says:

    Joke list

  4. TheSSpkVids says:

    They aren’t implying that these 5 guys are the best 5 fighters in the world right now, They’re saying that these 5 have been the most impressive so far in 2013.

  5. sthao1 says:

    Trt is cheating.

  6. BackForMore666 says:

    this list fails so hard its crap

  7. corridos70 says:

    It’s the kind of fighters y’all drunk bums like to watch.. I was born through man’s asshole but I sure would lick your mothers

  8. Shontong Balentong says:

    what the fukc kind of list is this?! really?!

  9. Shontong Balentong says:

    and you were born thru a man’s asshole!

  10. Koncheng Her says:

    Terrible list

  11. corridos70 says:

    MMA is Gay!

  12. JRSWOOSH says:

    Glover Texixeria all the way

  13. Travis H says:

    That Burkman v. Fitch was a straight WWE DDT knockout lol. Impressive though, most of them were arm in.

  14. 90ajohnson says:

    Fuck the rest

  15. 90ajohnson says:

    Anderson silva, GSP, jon bones jones, jose aldo, ben henderson, anthony pettis, more then 5

  16. michael podger says:

    fucking guillotines…

  17. Jack Cyborg says:

    IM FIRST!!

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