14 comments on “MMA Live Extra: Top 5 Trademark Moves in MMA”

  1. Gurpreet25 says:

    They put rousey on the list. It”s safe to say that this would be a compliment for silva to not be on the list.

  2. Gurpreet25 says:

    Against cans yea

  3. lakepowell757 says:

    What about palhares’ kneebars? They’re devastating

  4. King Maal says:

    Jon Jones spinning elbow…awesome

  5. walterreally says:

    Paul Sass’s triangle and Rousey’ s armbar are not really moves. They are morelike finishers. By moves I thought they meant technical strikes fighters employ regularly in a fight.

    Now start your rant.

  6. jzaszczurynski says:

    The top 5 moves should all be Silva. 

  7. Logan Owsley says:

    How did Anderson Silva’s clinch knees not make this list?

  8. yoransom says:

    I agree with #1 but no love for Big Country’s overhand right???? C’mon!!!

  9. FLASH2394 says:

    what the fuck? where is cro cop’s left high kick?????!!!!!!

  10. TheAstronautovic7 says:

    rampage slam

  11. Faraz Rezvan says:

    GSP <3

  12. OTKP says:

    Rousey Armbar #1? Really?

  13. Anthony Cashe says:

    nice list

  14. josh jacob says:

    First and yes I want a cookie.

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