5 comments on “MMA Live Extra: UFC 157 Recap”

  1. JAKE887 says:


  2. jacobflores78 says:

    @916drivingbible Omg you’ve solved it! Someone call Liz’ camp and tell them! Lol call

  3. 916drivingbible says:

    liz acts like this is a school play, like a little kid. to be ronda, you have to down play her olympic and judo skills. and NEVER get in contact with her, especially on the ground, stand right back up. women fighters are not the smartest, at least not yet. this is still all new. and men coaches for women seem to be not smart either to come up with a play to smash ronda. weird how i know this and no one in the fight biz doesn’t. lol.

  4. Chihouse23 says:

    It won’t sink in just how much they made history that night until they hear a young girl 20 years from now in an Interview after her fight in the UFC say that what inspired her to compete was watching, Rousey/Carmouche. Congrats to both of them.

  5. HiiiiM3RiiC says:

    Carmouche gets my respect 1000000% so much class on how she acted after the fight

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