25 comments on “MMA Live Extra: Velasquez or Fury”

  1. PoTaTeRsX says:

    To anyone who thinks Fury would win this fight need look no further than James Toney vs. Randy Couture. Randy manhandled Toney before making him tap, and the same would likely happen to Fury.

  2. JOE ANTONIO says:

    Kimbo slice is another sample of boxer thinking they could take on everyone they get beaten its fucking mma of course in a boxing fight Cain might lose but also fury would lose if it goes to the ground just accept y’all hate Cain

  3. walterreally says:

    Fury would SMASH Velasquez in a boxing fight.

    Not trying to start boxing vs MMA fight, as both sports are legit. But Fury would smash Cain in a boxing fight

  4. Danny Martinez says:

    this is so stupid in a fight Cain would win that’s it no other outcome. u think in a fight people are going to ask if they are boxers or MMA fighters no they are just going to fight and my money would be on the MMA fighter 10/10 times so no boxer can claim they are the baddest man alive if they cant defend a head kick elbows take down jujitsu
    I like boxing and ufc but u just have to keep it real

  5. whayes8084 says:

    I love how they conveniently leave out 50 yr. old Ray Mercer. Knocking out an ex UFC in a mere seconds. Biased much?

  6. britvroman says:

    Fury by KO

  7. DanJMC91 says:

    thats bullshit!

  8. Mrgummiwurm says:

    Fury wouldn’t have a chance

  9. Frank V says:

    2 words: James Toney

  10. belgutei bayarsaikhan says:

    wow he just called mayorga’s fist mma fight joke ? we know it was not the prettiest mma fight !!! but it was not a joke !!!

  11. esau duran says:

    un boxeador quiere retar a cain velaquez tanto golpe le  afecto

  12. chris johnson says:

    Wasnt todd in nfl

  13. Dstealthsniper says:

    Tyson suks balls Cain all the way


    i think cain can beat him in boxer too, but the only thing that matters is a real fight


    The only thing that matter is who is the best fighter not boxer or wrestler, kick boxer etc.. best fighter is all that matters. If you claim to be the best fighter on earth the step in the octagon and we will find out. Kick boxer would destroy boxers, i don’t know why this still gets brought up this was what early ufc was about what is the best style and we found out it was jujitsu.

  16. chitownboyz says:

    damn you right about that, forgot all about that. yeah my money on cain than.

  17. outlawderian6 says:


  18. Marcus Aurelius says:

    It will be Couture vs Toney 2.0, except much more violent and there will be 1st round TKO, no submission.

  19. Demoniiiic says:

    Strict stand up= kicks, elbows, and knees right? My moneys on cain.

  20. Moises Cruz says:

    mma fighters dominate boxers in the ufc. i hope it happens though.

  21. Pecid says:

    If it was a boxing match yeah Fury would win. In a mma fight Tyson Fury would get raped by Cain.

  22. DanJMC91 says:

    ugly dude with the beard talks aload of bull, he’s living in cain’s ass.

  23. mmanouvelles says:

    Crixus would own them all

  24. kanguesso says:

    Depends on the stand up though. Strictly stand up also means Cain can use kicks, elbows & knees from the Thai clinch. Boxing is not a complete form of striking or stand up art even though many Boxing fans mistakingly think it is. Boxing is a very limited form of striking in which you only use your fists. A top notch pro Muay Thai Fighter would rape a top notch pro boxer because again, Boxing is simply limited to fists. However, in a Boxing ring of course Tyson would win, That’s in a BOXING RING.

  25. chitownboyz says:

    if it was strictly stand up fight tyson would win.

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