25 comments on “MMA Live Extra: Weidman Ready for Rematch”

  1. FunkMastaMegaFlex says:

    Well put! He did outclass Silva and the haters are gonna have 2 digest the reality of it lol. Now I think Weidman will b a great champ but I am not sure if he can defend the belt as many times as Silva, GSP is very close 2 achieving that and hopefully he does! The main reason why I don’t see Weidman defending the belt that many times is because I see him moving 2 LHW in the future after he cleans out the division! There r some good fights 4 him at that weight class.

  2. FunkMastaMegaFlex says:

    Well said. So many Silva crazy fans forget even Silva’s style has weaknesses 2! His style of taunting and counter attacking only works if you have a size and speed edge, Silva had niether of those, so his style was obsolete. If he is gonna try and win this rematch, he better be workin on a different style or something because the taunt, run, and counter strike will not get him very far against Weidman.

  3. FunkMastaMegaFlex says:

    He did stuff that takedown in the 2nd, but that was because he did not set it up well at all. He telegraphed it and did not use any punches 2 help set it up either. I don’t thint it would have been TKD 2 deat either. I think if he got another take down it would have ended with Weidman submitting Anderson with an anaconda, darce choke, or knee-bar or something like that.

  4. mrlouie2015 says:

    Chris is losing the rematch

  5. DerbySpike says:

    Respect to Weidman, I was wrong and have nuts in my mouth ozzing Jizz. If Anderson gives Chris the respect he deserves I’m posotive Anderson will win. Weidman reminded me that combat sports are unpredictable and that my mouth should stay shut untill after the fight cause Im no Oracle.

  6. haterssgonnaahate says:

    There’s no IF in this sport. He got knocked the fuck out. Period.

  7. haterssgonnaahate says:

    Everybody is talking “what would have happened IF…” guess what, there’s no IF in this sport sucker. Silva got knocked the fuck out. Deal with it.

  8. Frizzy Frake says:

    Positive words from the underdog turned champion!

  9. irvingkills1720 says:

    Lol I hope weidman can enjoy being champ until he sees silva again lmao

  10. bluntmasterrollerj says:

    Your post requires a much more accurate, detailed breakdown? What happened to fuck you you’re stupid?

  11. magician234 says:

    Takedown to death? He stuffed his takedown with ease by the 2nd. Weidman wasn’t necessarily draining, but he had an obvious adrenaline dump. He eventually caught Anderson while his hands were down and stood flat footed right in range. If Anderson actually limited the taunting and continued attacking, he would have hurt Weidman. Those few kicks alone were admittedly hurting him. Best strikes? Silva barely threw many. Your post requires a much more accurate, detailed breakdown.

  12. SpiritMolecule1 says:

    weidman outclassed silva

  13. david bond says:

    @sancelmo69 you are right espn tries to act like they cover mma you can tell they only mention it because they know its becoming a super fast growing sport

  14. SanCelmo69 says:

    That’s gotta be the ‘Lamest’ interview I have ever seen! She obviously does not follow MMA. Those were questions somebody gave her. ESPN… You can do better than that! MMA is the fastest rising sport. Put a REAL journalist up there! Pathetic!

  15. tony montana says:

    and if u look at anderson he is like doing the matrix leaning backwards so it definitely looks like hes trying to dodge the shot…anderson always does that lean in lean out shit and this time he got hammered leanin back…by the american who got the long arms and powerful hook…and people are really saying its fixed? lmfao ill show you /watch?v=W42pOf6jkQ0

  16. tony montana says:

    the all-american on independence day for the belt he knocked that fool out. lol and people saying its fixed? who in the hell would give up there legacy and winning streak like that? anderson has plentyy of money and would make way more money with a gsp or jon jones fight,everyone knows weidman vs anderson 2 wouldnt be as big as anderson vs jones or gsp. as usual dana’s trying to hype this fight because he knows that anderson will never fight gsp or jones now. btw spidey got whooped tho

  17. allnatural singh says:

    i like chris, GOOD fighter… kinda like Rocky story… also a humble guy… we need a HUMBLE champ like you man, hope u keep the belt for a WHILE, but i believe vitor’s hand speed MIGHT be a problem, but i hope u can make an even BIGGER mark on the sport… keep that belt a while as well, Best of luck

  18. Juan Valdez says:

    Have a real MMA reporter interview the champ….. Prim, go cover some womens golf

  19. GeccoMundo says:

    Prim u hot baby!

  20. David McIntyre says:

    Maybe this was a fluke if anderson wasn’t clowning he would have taking this

  21. KyleMinns says:

    I love this guy.

  22. haterssgonnaahate says:

    It was very easy to be a silva’s fan over these years. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s the greatest, at least with fedor. But those casual pseudo fans now are taking reality shots, those shots are so painful and that’s why you see them everywhere whining and claiming it was luck, the fight was fixed and many more stupid things.

  23. gameVStruth says:

    If Silva didn’t get KO’d, it would have been TD to death on the ground for Silva. Weidman’s ground game is the best right now. I honestly can’t see how Silva can beat him now that we’ve seen Weidman dodge all his best strikes and put him to sleep without even having to take him down.

  24. CryptoDriver says:

    Yep, you are exactly right. And the people that are talking the loudest are the ones who couldn’t even spar with the guy without getting hurt. He’s King of the Mountain, all else is just talk.

  25. haterssgonnaahate says:

    Don’t feed the troll mate. This kids should stick to WWE shows, they don’t know anything about this sport.

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