8 comments on “MMA Live Extra:The Notorious Featherweight”

  1. Rag Nar says:

    Hope he can back it up or he ends up being quiet himself after being choked
    the f**k out through some slick d’arce.

  2. PancakePlease says:

    This guy’s such a douche Take those sunglasses off you look like an idiot

  3. eddieweimer says:

    “Maybe I’ll catch him with a jab or a goost of wind, I dunno, a goost of
    wind could make him do the chicken dance…”

  4. sagatbalrog says:

    lolll. “he’s a quiet hill billy kid from a circus town from theback ass of
    no where” always entertaining

  5. Brien Irving says:

    hard to believe this host even knows what mma stands for, he cant even
    remember 2 lines without staring at his paper

  6. mik31168 says:

    LOL most watched fight pass event cause a lot of people tuned in hoping he
    would get his ass kicked after all the trash talk. Man I love that guy.

  7. begood20000 says:

    A gust of wind could make Poirier do the chicken dance

  8. joyfulvulture says:

    such a narcissist

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