19 comments on “MMA Meltdown with Gabriel Morency – Cub Swanson & John Ramdeen”

  1. Nick Dudemeister says:

    This guy is on fucking crack

  2. kopxpert says:

    A fight we havent seen yet – Cub Swanson vs Korean Zombie – that would be

  3. spacebound929 says:

    Thank God for G Morency…your a great interviewer…and kinda one of the
    only reasons, I still watch this channel. ..and you keep it real. Swanson
    definitely is overdue. I know he will get his shot soon.

  4. Petri Rendi says:

    Wow Cub showing up? Awesome 

  5. James Lapid says:

    This is one of my favorite MMA shows, Morency gets straight to the point
    and doesn’t sugar coat anything. 

  6. blaze556922 says:

    Come on Ramdeen, we all know you are a die hard GSP fan but its extremely
    disrespectful to the two men that are about to compete to say one of them
    won’t be the real champ. Can I just watch one FN program without Ramdeen
    saying GSP’s name. Those of us that want actually combat in our welter
    weight fights are glad he is and hope it stays that way!

  7. E LOZ Global says:

    holy shit when i noticed how hard he takes breths i couldnt stop laughing,
    yo his voice is loud just pull it a litlle away lol

  8. peka400 says:

    I hope to see some finishs this weekend I love Lombard condit and Hendricks
    should be great weekend 

  9. Christian pitters says:

    Cub Swanson is my fav ftw when aldo moves up cub will be making moves

  10. Pesit says:

    don’t worry cub you’ll get your chance

  11. Joe Hernandez says:

    I singed up to Kountermove and recommended a few people.

  12. Joey Oddessa says:

    Cub Rocks

  13. Lopata991 says:

    Isn’t it a bit funny that the numer guy’s last name is ODDessa?

  14. Shen Halfzware says:


  15. blaze556922 says:

    Gabe runs his mouth about everyone and never pulls any punches and the
    person/camp he chooses to go easy on and even defend is Jackson! As a
    lifetime fan of combat sports, I don’t just think point fighting couches
    like him are ruining the sport, I am sure of it!

  16. Lopata991 says:

    Mendes vs Aldo, Swanson vs Lamas. Fire Edgar

  17. Jay Sin says:

    Best show ever !

  18. K131399 says:

    go back and watch the hendricks condit fight. there’s no denying johny’
    power but his standup technique is awful, or it looks awful against a
    technical guy. condit was gonna knock johny out but simply ran out of time.
    the huge most obvious question is can robbie avoid the takedown. if he can
    he has a much better chance of knocking out johny than getting knocked out

  19. K131399 says:

    as great as the ufc is, its completely fucked up that joe silva can sit on
    his toilet and decide who gets the opportunity to be champ. i guess cub
    doesnt laugh at all dana’s jokes loud enough or doesnt take dana aside
    whenever he can to tell him that he’s the reason we all have lives and then
    bowing to him or kissing his ring. name one fighter that goes for the kill
    more than cub. good job gabe, its about time there’s a place people can go
    to hear the real shit. 

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