11 comments on “MMA Meltdown with Gabriel Morency – Death of Dennis Munson, Roufusport & UFC Fight Night 57 – Part 2”

  1. Aztech 101 says:

    Wow that’s so fucked up.

  2. bouncingsoul818 says:

    I just read the story on Dennis Munson`s death from the Milwaukee based
    news journal, and I am disturbed on many levels. Regulation of both
    professional and amateur combat sports is a must.

    Every time people on boards criticize fighters for withdrawling from bouts
    because of a wide ranges of health issues such as doctor advice from pre
    fight screenings and weight cut issues, it only shows those peoples
    ignorance. Weight cutting is highly unhealthy both in the short term as
    well as long term for the fighters health.

    Combative sports come with a risk, we can all agree on that. But it is the
    promoter, referee, and assigned doctors responsibility to ensure cases like
    this doesn’t happen. Same day weigh ins, doctors obviously not paying
    attention to the fighters actions at all times, and neglect from both the
    ref and corner/promoter all lead to this unnecessary death.

    With the state regulations on place almost all of the issues could have
    been avoided. Why wasn’t there a clear plan in place for the paramedic
    company to act and properly handle an injured fighter? Why was the ringside
    doctor on his phone and not paying attention to what was going on in the
    ring? Why is it when the fire department with the properly trained fire
    department medics showed up they were waived off by the contracted
    paramedic company, then the fighter wasn’t promptly taken to a trauma
    center (critical in saving patients subjected to trauma to the brain)?

    The answer is neglect. I am sure there are many amateur promotions who
    operate properly, but for fighter safety at any level these promotions need
    to be held accountable in all aspects of these events to ensure these
    fighters aren’t exposed to unnecessary dangers which obviously were all
    over the place that night at that event. And from the sound of it, seems
    like this “duke” a-hole shouldn’t be allowed to train fighters.

    I wonder what his gym insurance rates are, and also the track record with
    whatever agency it is that insures hi gym. From what I’ve read he shouldn’t
    be in charge of any gym, let alone a fighting promotion.

  3. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    IMO the only person who acted negligent is the doctor. The kid looked tired
    but was defending himself the whole time, the ref has most likely let
    fights way worse go on and it was okay. This is a terrible accident and
    it’s sad how people are treating it.

  4. WelfareSymphony says:

    Man I have no idea what any of them were thinking but when someone is
    giving you signs like that, not being able to keep their head up, wobbly
    for that long, you just gotta stop the fight. It was clear there was
    something terribly wrong with the guy, and they should have stopped it. I
    feel really bad for the guy, gone way too soon. It’s a shame this guy died
    due to the negligence of his trainers, coaches and the doctor.

  5. Gregory Stone says:

    The fight should have been stopped. Would that have saved him? Who knows,
    but some neglect from areas. R.I.P Kid.

  6. iLandjive CNMI says:

    Robin says Rufus feels bad about the tragic event and handles it by not
    saying anything…… Robin, that doesn’t fix the fact that under his watch
    a young man died!

  7. jordan michael says:

    The kid was so f***** up and so very tired! …. too bad this happen for

  8. Ze Joobs says:

    Important topic discussed by two complete fkn retards

  9. chirazi says:

    that coach should be in prison…. what the fuck was he thinkin

  10. Cage Riot MMA says:

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  11. Gama Isora says:

    That footage is insane. How the fuck did they let that happen?

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