MMA Meltdown with Gabriel Morency – Fightnomics Recaps UFC 182, Jones’ Drug Test – Part 2 – Gabriel Morency brings this week’s MMA Meltdown show with Fightnomics’ Reed Kuhn to recap Jon Jones UFC light heavyweight title defense over Daniel Cormier at UFC…

12 comments on “MMA Meltdown with Gabriel Morency – Fightnomics Recaps UFC 182, Jones’ Drug Test – Part 2”

  1. Billythebassist says:

    The REAL story is his abnormal T/E ratio. Looks to me like jones was coming
    off a cycle. He has the T/E ratio of a 90 year old asian man that was
    castrated. normal T/E ratio for black male = 1.3:1, normal ratio for white
    male = 1.2:1, normal ratio for asian = .76:1, jones levels from 3 seperate
    tests = .29:1, .35:1, .19:1. WTF is that about?

  2. NoSkillzJustGillz says:

    people sayN hes snortin between rounds…the cat w/his shirt wiping his
    nose, then jon signals for more, dude checks for the ref, fumbles with his
    shirt and wipes his nose again…dont they normally use a rag or towel?…i
    dont think there is anything 2 it but i love the controversy man…. dude
    needs to tread carefully…wont see him on a wheaties box 


    Dont you diss morencny he is a veteran and as equally talented as robin
    black so back off you luv your sport so much show some respect hes a
    pineeer the boommer of tha nfl no one ever siad that but i think it
    .__……fuck haters do wat u do

  4. david maltais says:

    Right cocaine sucks, its a bad drug, Heroin is the shit thought!

  5. TANK MODE says:

    morency did coke…who wud have guess lol

  6. ComicalDead says:

    You need to calm down… sounds like your on some now.

  7. rollexx says:

    lol fucking pulled an anderson at the end

  8. Daniel Navarro says:

    fucking real

  9. Jason Idiom says:

    He got Silva’d :O

  10. KG2k11 says:

    Darude Sandstorm 

  11. Santa Claus says:

    Jon Jones is not the P4P at all, he also is a cheater,

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