22 comments on “MMA Meltdown with Gabriel Morency – Mark Hominick & Fight Network’s John Ramdeen”

  1. Roronoa D Vegeta says:

    Can not stand this guy, deep breathes every 2 seconds into the mic and he
    doesn’t even know his stuff.

    Horrible show when Ramdeen knows more then you.

  2. Alex Kovalex says:

    GSP was one of the great, I think he sould retire, 5 millions is not enough
    if you cant walk again, headaches and memories problems.

  3. Preston Vaughan says:

    No, you are not a bozo for being canadian, you are a bozo for saying GSP
    won that first round for landing pitty pat punches, blocked kick, a no
    choke guillotine and a punch to the chest, while all of Hendricks punches
    and knees landed with impact.

  4. david maltais says:

    i lived in ottawa ontario and montreal quebec, And i garantee you
    quebequers arent cheap i worked in pizza delivery and made a lot more money
    in mtl then i did in ottawa…

  5. Mauro Ferrin says:

    cant stand to hear this douches anymore i like to hear all commentaries,
    but just accept St Pierre and always will be remember as a good fighter but
    greatness, you see greatness with simple eyes he aint and will never be
    great as Silva, Jones, and some other Barao, Aldo, period Canadians you got
    k athletes, just k accept the f fact. 

  6. N0vahkiin46 says:

    GSP has gained far more than he’s given to the sport of MMA. The last
    opponent he’s managed to finish was a blown up lightweight in BJ Penn
    nearly 5 years ago! Condit and Hendricks were the only legit challenges out
    of everyone on his resume. Now guys like Lombard, Lawler and Woodley are
    climbing the ladder he wants to ‘retire’. GSP is just an overrated, cash
    cow, hype job who’s use to dominating one-dimensional and smaller guys. 

  7. vadimyakus says:

    Dana White is the only reason why UFC is such a mess these days.

  8. bernotas93 says:

    I hope Gsp doesn’t fight Hendricks again cause if he does he will end up in
    a wheelchair on a feeding tube as well as have permanent brain damage and
    die at age 45

  9. j.s.t says:

    glad to see the host has cut back on the crack, i probably understood way
    over 50% of what he said

  10. Lopata991 says:

    diaz 1 2 5

  11. shredrik says:

    Awesome program with an awesome guest .Mark is one of the greatest Canadian
    fighters we have/ever had.Good to hear his take on the fight.

  12. T- DIESEL says:

    loooool this dude is jokes

  13. Mike Shuya says:


  14. blindbrad11 says:

    good stuff Gabe
    Hendricks 1,2,4

  15. Alex Phiefer says:

    You have a piece of shit stuck in your throat, please cough it up.

  16. Frank .Moon says:

    Georges should retire on top. He will lose his next fight

  17. TheLush85 says:

    Chael moved to 205 just for the money. Nothing else. He doesnt stand a
    chance in that division. 

  18. Jarrod s says:

    This is my new favorite mma show. This guy keeps it real.

  19. ThumbdownMan says:

    GSP did win the fight. Dana White was being a dumbshit at the press

  20. TheLush85 says:

    HAHA. I’m gonna buy a tapout shirt just so i can say that. If you want me
    out. You’re gonna have make me “tapout.”

  21. N0vahkiin46 says:

    Under the flawed MMA scoring system, GSP wins. In a fight where the winner
    is determined by the amount of damage inflicted, Hendricks wins.

  22. vadimyakus says:

    Fuck this greedy bold dick Dana! GSP did win.

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