23 comments on “MMA Meltdown with Gabriel Morency – MFC President Mark Pavelich & Robin Black”

  1. PizzaCandyChipsPop says:

    Gabriel, how about you shut the fuck up and let ROBIN BLACK talk. You ask
    him a question or make a comment for him to responsd to but talk over him.
    SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! and fix your teeth. BOOM

  2. Jack Roberts says:

    Two ears, one mouth.

  3. Bornin Arkham says:

    Robin Black starts at 18:19

  4. bassmike7021 says:

    morency is terrible

  5. Raymond Klawiter says:

    This dude sux

  6. fing85 says:

    How many times did this idiot interrupt Robin? What an annoying guy. 

  7. nemanja milosevic says:

    Why do you still keep this interrupting jerk?

  8. Yanniel Rios says:

    Robin Black Shouldve Knocked Him Out !!*

  9. Lopata991 says:

    i would love to see robin fight :)

  10. david maltais says:

    that was so intersting, the part about fighters pay, you dont ear that
    anywhere else, everyone else is scared, and proof gabe doesnt give a shit
    he even called donald trump the lowest of the lows, everyone thinks that
    but no one says it, look what happened to rosy o donald

  11. Debtbully Payup says:

    Sara Momma Bear McMann!

  12. mochronik says:

    This whole low pay BS is just that… BS
    PER fight an average fighter (#15ish) make what? 10K+10K(win bonus) +
    possible 50k(KO/S/FOTN) AT THE MINIMUM you’re making $10,000 after
    losing…a fighter fights 3-4 times a year on average… that’s 30-40
    THOUSAND dollars a year, an average person makes what? 20 thousand a year?
    If you’re AVERAGE you get paid like any other AVERAGE person, doesn’t
    matter if you chose to fight or you chose to deliver mail no one owes you
    anything, saying being a fighter is hard isn’t a good argument, you chose
    that life and now you need to be GOOD to make big money.

  13. bnpparibassss says:

    Sorry let me rephrase, shut the fuck up Gabriel.

  14. Mike G says:

    Here for Robin Black!

    Wow Gabriel interrupt much?

  15. Marcus Abadi says:

    The show is ridiculous!. Lol find another career. MFC is a joke a well. 

  16. Tino Fuentes says:

    Meth is a hell of drug 

  17. KillasLos says:

    great mma meltdown guys

  18. Raymond Klawiter says:

    Does this annoying jerk off promote bellator? 

  19. Lopata991 says:

    He is really interuping the guy we are all here for lol

  20. bnpparibassss says:

    Stop interrupting Gabriel you street trash.

  21. iamalex4life says:

    Pavelich has got a point

  22. ThumbdownMan says:

    Good show thumbs up.

  23. Wisewon s says:

    Spend the first 20 minutes talking about 2nd rate organizations and you get
    thumbed down…

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