15 comments on “MMA Meltdown with Gabriel Morency – Phil Baroni Trashes Ben Askren”

  1. j.s.t says:

    stop askrens takedown? good luck!

  2. PhoenixIceable says:

    Why P. Baroni don’t like D. Henderson ?

  3. Shen Halfzware says:

    get that guy on JRE

  4. Lopata991 says:

    I think there should be no rematch, we have seen enough.

  5. aaronCapricorn says:

    1FC is where Askren went. He isn’t ultimate enough to fight in ‘murica

  6. Trapper John says:

    Is it any coincidence that Baroni rhymes with Jabroni….I don think so

  7. Adie Twofivezero says:

    Is this guy normal?

  8. Adam Kileel says:

    Baroni is a clown. 15-17 record? retire fool, Ben would dominate you
    animal kingdom style.

  9. david maltais says:

    Im starting to like that gabe guy, a lot of dumb shit coming out of his
    mouth, but its refreshing and he assumes it…

  10. Yo Yo Ho says:

    Only low IQ idiots thumb this down.

  11. Chad Ralph says:

    Not sure if you dudes read boards and such- but the fans spoke in the pole
    in favour of Hunto. Fight metric also had it for Hunt

  12. Lopata991 says:

    MMA fans are idiots lol. Sorry to you rare individuals :)

  13. Khalid Khurasani says:

    I’ve never watched one of these cuz this guy sounds too stupid. Idk who has
    the worse voice him or robin black 

  14. Harley Quintero says:

    I think Baroni could get an early KO.

  15. JwVanC says:

    Phil has nothing to lose , of askren loses can you imagine how much shit
    Dana be talking?

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