24 comments on “MMA Meltdown with Gabriel Morency – UFC Lightweight Michael Chiesa & Joey Odessa”

  1. j.s.t says:

    thumbs down! 🙂

  2. Keyboard Warrior 58 says:

    this is crap

  3. shocxxxx says:

    lol its hilarious hearing him take deep breaths while hes talking, now that i heard it, its all i can pay attention to dammit!!

  4. erik benson says:

    morencey looks like a potato, im going to call him spud from now on

  5. jacktorse777 says:

    Really great interview with Mike Chiesa.

  6. Mari Lion says:

    Good show as always. Not your everyday politically correct show. Story of Mike and Morency’s loss was touching and it’s great to see how a discipline like BJJ and Judo can guide kids in right direction. Sports and Martial Arts keep kids off the streets and in the classroom. I don’t understand the negativity in the comments. Why watch?

  7. LilBlitz116 says:

    Is this guy supposed to be cool? Grrrrr grrrr grrrrr stfu

  8. ifunk79 says:

    Smoke another one Gabe!!! So fucking annoying! I cant watch a whole episode with this guy!

  9. jrufus11 says:

    Someone needs to meltdown whatever is in the back of this dude’s throat, actually I think this guy is putting the voice on like somekind of wwe wrestler, can someone please let this dude know this is mma and not wrestling so he can cut out the stupid croak voice

  10. jrufus11 says:

    Too much of this guys annoying voice…

  11. peka400 says:

    Gonzaga Aint 28 man! hes older than that!

  12. aaronCapricorn says:

    F*** CB Dollaway. fucking eye pocking f**###

  13. Morgan Mackenzie says:

    Big respect for Chiesa :)

  14. Eric Mathews says:

    this show is too long

  15. Nathan Palmer says:

    This guy has the greatest voice must have been smoking since age 6 to get the wise rasp

  16. ranezzie says:

    masvidal vs Diego Sanchez would only be a good fight if Diego lets it be . because he’d out wrestle George if he chooses too. but yeah id watch that

  17. Cyberplex says:

    Always enjoy your breakdowns, thanks for uploading.

  18. philipee32 says:

    Junior dos Santos vs Sergi Khartonov

  19. philipee32 says:

    Masvidal vs diego sanchez

  20. philipee32 says:


  21. axel stoner says:

    Steve wilko?

  22. Crayfish3D says:

    Ha, when the presenter was talking to Joey Odessa, I thought I was listening a Scorsese flick

  23. Slapchop21 says:

    wow that was a really good interview with Michael Chiesa. Definitely be rooting for him in future

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