16 comments on “mma mix 2014 and knockouts 2013”

  1. Mac Miller says:

    am I the only one who thinks that first knockout was dirty? Your going to
    touch gloves and then immediately follow up with a right hand? That was a
    cheap shot in my opinion. 

  2. l says:

    that KO at 12:10-15 is one of the worst i’ve ever seen! wow! thanks for
    another dose of sheer brutality DAMIEN. shits awesome!

  3. El isma says:

    Good video. Not used to the rock music but still good highlight. Thnks

  4. Matt Mclellan says:

    Hey man, nice vid as always. ;). Got anymore dubstep mixes in the future???
    Also, can u tell me which older mixes are dubstep please? Can never find
    em’ lol.

  5. Aghazie Zubair says:

    damien…..your back….ahahah

  6. 垣内善 says:


  7. SGTSAS says:

    Thanks! And nice to see you back Damien! Have been waiting for a new
    video of yours!

  8. rooster8000 says:

    Finally, a new one :)

  9. meakins355 says:

    4:00 That dude was out for along time… Can count 10 seconds before that
    retarded ref jumps in.

  10. Jordan Connolly says:

    that first guy is a cunt

  11. afinacionesdelsur says:


  12. endlesscritic says:

    god bless you.

  13. Moonblood3530 says:

    dude Damien! Ive been along time fan of Sleep and im only 26. I finally saw
    them a couple weeks ago. go to my channel to see them live a tsanta cruz

  14. Azzabajam says:

    Also, nice choice on Sleep 

  15. andrew norris says:


  16. Azzabajam says:

    Good stuff, always look forward to more of your videos

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