25 comments on “MMA News Update (UFC Fight Night Brazil spoiler)”

  1. brandonliptak20 says:

    I love these mma news videos. Seriously the highlight of my day. Kepp them
    coming, I enjoy the shit out of your content!

  2. LimerickR266 says:

    Awww man that bit with McGregor and De Niro was priceless, cant stop
    laughing had to watch it a few times…love these videos mmadigest!!

  3. John Foster says:

    Your show is a high level entertainment and sports news broadcast its
    really that good. Id like to see this for a long time.

  4. MrPlaly says:


  5. LewisChappy says:

    Love the videos man keep them up . Subbed! . Where is the Mumasita clip
    from ? that is pure gold 

  6. ASDF123000 says:

    those brazilian crowds are like latin american rednecks, thanks so much for
    these videos dude I hope one day this channel is a huge source of income
    for you 

  7. PrestoManGo says:

    the perfect dose of training, comedy, motivation…oh and news

  8. Ryan Kilpatrick says:

    Man big up from the uk, constantly checking to see when you have have
    uploaded, your videos make me laugh everytime without fail, then you top it
    off with some motivational quotes, your in a league of your own sir.

  9. TheZER0C00L says:

    Honestly one of the best videos to date. Always looking foreword to the
    next one. Many thanks. 

  10. Ryan Bonner says:

    just caught up with the latest three mmadigest updates. great as always –
    keep up the good work man!

  11. Morre Bella says:

    There’s a reason u never get dislike or a minimum of them. Because ur
    awesome! U give the most valueable news without any bullshit.

  12. Enrico Giancarlo says:

    Even tho Cain is American he mostly reps mexico tho.

  13. David Young says:

    Brilliant Channel! Best for MMA content on the whole web. Keep up the work
    you’ll be one of the big hitters in MMA entertainment in the future my
    friend. Great job

  14. TheBakedBear says:

    nice vid once again, love the updates

  15. Cody Wells says:

    Keep these up man! Really entertaining and well done!

  16. MomentumZero says:

    Birthday body shots. Not what I thought they were…

  17. AbsoluteMMA101 says:

    hah….Aldo is naive….Faber’s going to get dominated by Frankie
    Edgar…there’s a reason why he’s the next contender against Aldo and he’s

  18. dapappacn says:

    The mamasita clip comes from Aldo’s last fight where Conor was in Brazil.
    He called the Brazilian ladies ‘mamasitas’ and used the Spanish word for
    hello ‘hola’ all the time, apparently not realizing they speak Portuguese
    in Brazil and or not giving a shit.

  19. Filippo Berio says:

    conor’s quote whooped aldo’s quote.

  20. john lehane says:

    I love how the translator joins in as well at 4:34 lol

  21. giddygiddy85 says:

    best channel ever,

  22. ThePandamusmaximus says:

    To whomever makes these videos: You’re fantastic. If we were in prison
    together I would protect you in the shower.

  23. Luis Gonzalez says:

    What’s the song in 4:57???

  24. AbsoluteMMA101 says:

    I’m going to start MMA training pretty soon…first I’ll need to look for
    the right gym :)

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