19 comments on “MMA on a Mohawk Reservation: Fightland Worldwide”

  1. Nick Lawrence says:

    why does he look like a junkie?

  2. Genghis Khan says:

    Fighting is a universal thing; anyone can do it.

  3. Raymond Torres says:

    Anyone who steps into the cage deserves respect. In my opinion. I’ve done
    it and its not easy. Most people who bad mouth fighters couldn’t even cut

  4. simon driessen says:

    06:40 haha he lost but he is glad that he did’nt get finished, you won’t
    reach the UFC my man! 

  5. snausegman says:

    look at all the fuckin drunks to,my god. i guess they have a reputation to
    uphoald tho….lol

  6. snausegman says:

    these people give mma a bad name lol yelling “fuck him up, fuck him up.”
    thats seriously disrespectful if i was one of the other dudes family
    memebrs i wouldve told those fat indian fuckers to shut the fuck up.

  7. matt knaggs says:

    BOOOZHOOOO sweet bitches, REZ pride for life.

  8. Bradon David says:

    The one guy doesn’t even look like a native.

  9. Uncensored says:

    What part of them are Mohawk ? they all look white , the white genes have
    corrupted the Indians, Indians don’t exist anymore

  10. James L says:

    How can you grapple with boxing gloves?

  11. Jappycontin says:

    does anyone know the song starting at 2:50?

  12. Dave Schmidt says:

    Im missing the subtitles :(

  13. cruhg says:

    it must be a pain to get a submission in those gloves

  14. Fuck Her Right in the Pussy says:

    MMA with boxing gloves on? No… 

  15. chris nelson says:

    I Wish you all the best , you may not live and train in the perfect area,
    but you got heart and its not something you buy ! Keep on grindind bro

  16. NiVaCK Lied says:


  17. Dominique Perez says:

    Hey his pops is real talk. His bro and friend were saying it was the
    cameras putting pressure on him. His pops straight up said I don’t blame
    anyone but him he didn’t throw. 

  18. Dave Schmidt says:

    Im missing the subtitles :(

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