8 comments on “MMA reporter knocks opponent out”

  1. The Voice of Reason says:

    totally fake. Look how slow the guy spun around. BS fight

  2. MStycki says:

    lol did the guy think he was a ballerina?

  3. Fidel C says:

    Wtf? Is this shit for real? Is this black dude even a real fighter? Looks
    like a funny street fight. Lol !!

  4. Kadim Nana says:

    LOL. that’s the worst attempt at a spinning attack I’ve seen.

  5. Jon Jacobsen says:

    that’s spin was so bad.

  6. Ed Sarkissian says:

    Spencccceeeee! Doin work!

  7. dan blagaich says:

    Way to go Spence! Left hands from hell!! 

  8. ArchAngelWC says:

    “Do I throw the Left..or Do I throw the Right…ah fk it Ill throw them
    both and whichever gets there first wins!”

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