11 comments on “mma star: in the fight game the smaller fighter always has an advantage ali was only 198”

  1. sychophantt says:

    A great guy? A convicted felon and multiple time drug cheat?

  2. lewismu90 says:

    Sonnen is a great guy

  3. lewismu90 says:

    The gangster


    220+ lbs was a big man in those days

  5. BlackDynamite1983 says:


    Ali’s average weight during his prime was 220+ lbs.

  6. TheCell8 says:

    no one works the mic like Chael.


    Ali was a big man back in the day lol

  8. nmr20067 says:

    He is dropping back to 185 MW, not looking to get a title shot at 205 again.

  9. wickedjuggla12 says:

    its what gets him more views lol

  10. hawkermustang says:

    Chael is a classy and funny guy.

  11. PureComedyBaby says:

    lol ellie puts up longer MMA video then he does Boxing videos.

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