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  1. BadAssBlackOverlord says:

    I am going to be honest with you guys, I don’t agree with steroid use in
    MMA. Its fucking dangerous. I have rolled with a few MMA guys on the side
    at my local gym and I normally don’t need to exert even half my strength
    before mauling them into submission. Given my extensive steroid use, this
    is very normal. My strength is off the charts.

    I remember doing a standard take down on an amateur once. I fractured his
    ACL and broke a rib in just a few seconds. Dude was screaming in pain. It
    was such a visceral experience. He knew what he was getting into though. I
    warned him not to spar with me given my size and still insisted.

  2. Tim shufflebottom says:

    *Critic Disclosure*: I am a famous YouTube comment critic, who has been
    appointed this position by my follower’s
    who regularly email me to give my sought after critical opinion on certain
    material pertaining to the fitness realm

    I *thumbs down* this video and I’m going to tell you why? This is not true
    at all…Alistair Overeem would have never beat Brock Lesnar without them
    roids and everybody knows this…but more importantly, you have just
    contributed to the poisoning of our boxing community, so thanks a lot for
    that. Now we’re going to have a bunch of new up in coming fighters on roids
    now as well…so give yourself a pat on the back for that one!

    _*THUMBS DOWN!!!*

  3. danjoe5519 says:

    Testosterone increases endurance.

  4. AdinC33 says:

    I still dont understand how steroids work i mean how can filling your body
    with the same stuff it producers anyway do all this crazy shit?? Like test
    people who take it get huge as fuck but men have it in them anyway??? 

  5. Zac Attack says:

    Mono sound mmmmmmmmmmmm technology

  6. Oceanosan says:

    lmao this green screen action sucks sooooo hard 😀 but good vid

  7. ShowTyMe Fitness says:

    I like Rich but this information and advice smh PCP and look at all the
    fighters that stopped using TRT they all went to shit without it.

  8. Charles Magnes says:

    Halotestin make you more aggressive lel yeah like Warmachine hon hon!

  9. UK PowerBuilders says:

    They all take Clen, obviously.

  10. Vortex says:

    Fucking sound quality is atrocious.

  11. VietnamG says:

    My left ear is pleased with this info

  12. Aryan Zagros says:

    I live in Montreal and I’ve trained many times in Firas camp at Trystar Gym
    (Trytars is where GSP trains at too). Fighters who use banned substances
    are nothing but fucking losers who need to cheat their opponent to win.
    I would prefer to fail with honor than win by cheating. All good is hard.
    All evil is easy. Dying, losing, cheating, and mediocrity is easy. Stay
    away from easy.

  13. Dancinglings says:

    Rich piana doesnt feel his chest

  14. Tom TheCoxter says:

    Rich could you do a video on Steroids and mens phsique like example cycle
    as such etc…

  15. LXBD says:

    The audio quality of these last few videos has decreased greatly!

  16. cutmonn says:

    PCP man that was fucking great !

  17. MeZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ says:

    Why the hell would he recommend pcp, can’t people hallucinate on that shit?
    I don’t want to be seeing my opponent 3 times.

  18. ArmstrongProds says:

    U down wit PCP, YEAH YOU KNOW ME

  19. dave997 says:

    if christy mack would of been on steroids maybe she could of beat war

  20. Jon Y says:

    brb taking some PCP. THX RICH!

  21. Daniel Rios says:

    Best video so far! 

  22. Calvin Candie says:

    i think you need to fire your production team i cant hear shit captain 

  23. Use it or Lose it! says:


  24. Sean Sherk You're Dead says:

    Testosterone is very used in MMA because it allows to train harder, longer
    and allows quicker recovery.. But if there’s one Drug that would do wonders
    for MMA is EPO, for those who don’t know it allows more red cell “delivery”
    to the muscle allowing you to fight longer without getting tired..
    Personally i’ve never done MMA but i do Jiu Jitsu and man it’s so freaking
    tiring i sometimes feel like taking some of that shit lol

  25. WhiteVsPortuguese says:

    So it was counter productive for Lance Armstrong to juice back in his glory
    days even know it obviously helped him win tones of races? And yes I
    understand that he was on a bike but if this was true his legs woulda
    fuckin collapsed… Any thoughts, I’m not a hater just curious.

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