25 comments on “MMA Store Clerk Whoops Criminal Ass ft. David So”

  1. KnifeCircus says:

    Why would they send 5 geckos instead of a even number?

  2. Immajeanyus says:

    Those poor lizards. They don’t even realize they’re going to die. 

  3. 100Hasake says:

    You guys are idiots. The point of the investigation is to see if humans are
    able to breed while in space (due to the micro gravity which may inhibit
    reproduction). They don’t need the animals to survive when they come back
    down to earth.

  4. theKilla142117 says:

    Bart is pretty brolic so I would be scared as FUCK if I tried robbing him
    and I saw him come after me

  5. dingo atemybaby says:

    these guys are racist to mexicans

  6. SaikiJax says:

    I love Julia but she’s so awkward when she’s explaining things XD no hate i
    love her. 

  7. Jenni D says:

    How about call the police before filiming, lol.

  8. Jane Doe says:

    Do another one. This one was a bit gay. Still funny but yeah

  9. Brayan Gonzalez says:

    Is geo going out with someone?

  10. Asdf says:

    I once fucked up a guy who was just kicking in a fight,caught hes leg threw
    him back mounted him and punched him untill he bleed

  11. Shaddic D says:

    Who else ships David and Julia?

    Is it just me?
    I think it is :/

  12. Nutella Life says:


  13. jnguy11 says:

    Houston Represent

  14. OCSleazy says:

    Why dont they have human volunteers fuck in space? makes sense right!?

  15. Aaron Hawkins says:

    Knees break the same no matter who you are.

  16. Jennifer Wu says:

    The robbers should have done a background check on the clerks of the stores
    to make sure that one of the clerks weren’t a past IMMA fighter or like
    checked to make sure if the employee doesn’t own a gun so it would be
    easier lol YAY TEXAS!!!!!! 

  17. Scott Tiefenbach says:

    man i gotz mah niggas if any of mah homies watching this i gotz u

  18. Bruce W. says:

    David’s accents are hilarious!

  19. Jesus Romero says:

    which one is geo ?

  20. Alexis Sanchez says:

    Does anyone know what type of varsity/baseball jacket Tom is wearing?

  21. eunyoungmb says:

    Houston?? How come I didn’t hear about this

  22. hahyunlee says:

    Julia is awkward as fuuckk when she tells a story lol….

  23. tokekiex says:

    No animals were hurt in the showing of this video, it’s okay as long as
    it’s for science :D

  24. WingChroniam says:

    Terra Formars

  25. RyuSaarva says:

    the biggest criminal here is that mma fighter who kept kicking a downed

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