9 comments on “MMA Superstar Jon Jones Big Fan of Seckbach “Reporting” – esnews”

  1. MayweatherTop1 says:

    ROFL CONNOR had me spit out my food

  2. sandrorue9proto says:

    Can’t wait for this fight!! War Dc all day

  3. Gamersportsweed says:

    LOL Jon jones is cool as fuck i always bin a fan FUCK THE HATERS

  4. Brandonian3030 says:

    im sure jon is an even bigger fan of meghan olivi :)

  5. TheCell8 says:

    McGregor is hilarious! Probably my fav. MMA fighter right now.

  6. jimbanzo says:

    was there
    jon jones is fukin hilarious

  7. lisenyoudontknowme says:

    lol there was a guy trying to make fun of jon jones and then he says im
    nervous loooooooooool

  8. blazink50 says:

    elie how tha guk did u not interview conor mcgregor u missd a great
    interview bro

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