4 comments on “MMA Surge – Anderson Silva’s Thai Clinch”

  1. rhix says:

    Not related to the thai clinch but I had a quick question; I was watching
    the Jacore vs. Carmont fight and was was wondering something. When Jacore
    had back position and had his legs locked around Carmont’s torso, wouldn’t
    it be easier for Carmont to repeatedly punch at his thighs rather than
    swinging backward and trying to hit the face?

    Seems like you could beat the guy’s legs up pretty good with that kind of
    leverage and he couldn’t defend against it. I figured at some point he’d
    have to release his legs. I don’t know much about MMA and never trained so
    I may be way off, idk.

  2. mmajunkie83 says:

    This guy speaks very well but seems much lower level in his technique and
    delivery than regular good guys I’ve trained with. It doesn’t seem
    appropriate for him to make a video on this. I must also take exception to
    riding Anderson Silva’s name… this has nothing to do with Anderson or his
    level of technique – which is *leagues* above – he’s got 22 years of Muay
    Thai for God’s sake. On a lighter note the demo partner looks like my
    ex-colleague lol

  3. Nicolas Muzzio says:

    belly op

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