6 comments on “MMA Surge – Breaking Passing Guard”

  1. Too Future says:

    Hey I notice that both you and your sparring partner’s ears are in good
    condition. Do you wear ear protection when grappling and if so which ones
    would you recommend?

  2. Jan Ambro says:

    Looks good, but it leaves you pretty exposed for strikes

  3. mohammed alvin says:

    hey squid will u do me a favour..???
    just post a video in which u will have to show how to knockout o guy just
    in about 3 to 4 moves
    im waitin to see

  4. TheBoss1654 says:

    Can you pleas show what for moves (submission) you can do on the side?

  5. Liam Doran says:

    Will u do more knockout combos

  6. Liam Doran says:

    Will you do some mma solo drills

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