8 comments on “MMA Surge: Cartwheel Guard Pass, Episode 52”

  1. Karlan Meyers says:

    Could you expand on it from closed guard because if they have their ankles
    crossed it will be hard to create space. 

  2. iabarab55555 says:

    Definetly like these passes would like more!

  3. bryant argueta says:

    yes please teach us some judo throws plsss

  4. Josafat Nava Vázquez says:

    Nice move Squid I like to see some feet and hands fight combinations in
    your next video :D

  5. Daniel A. says:

    Can you please do a video on how to increase flexibility for jiu jitsu or
    martial arts in general. Thank you. 

  6. Tim Marshall says:

    Nice easy way to pass your opponents guard. Could you teach some judo
    throws which can be incorporated in MMA? A video showing some judo
    techniques will help out the viewers with some new throws and take downs.

  7. Gozkiller Goz says:

    Good movement to pass a defence on the back but a little bit dangerous in
    MMA. I have already made it in a training of grappling but my opponent
    could not carry me of blow in this style of fight…

  8. Lukey The Dukey says:

    Judo throws and takedowns would be nice thanks :)

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