9 comments on “MMA Surge – The Butterfly Guard”

  1. TheAntManChannel says:


  2. laura gibertoni says:

    That’s not a darce choke, that’s an anaconda choke right there

  3. Immanuel Angelo says:

    awesome lesson

  4. Basit Rahman says:

    Do a video on orthodox vs southpaw stances Please!!!

  5. seandavidr says:

    Instead of getting the over hook, use that arm to trap his arm and prevent
    him from posting.

  6. The High Videos says:

    first :)

  7. The Lawzie Family says:

    What type of mat do you use? 

  8. Matt Henderson says:

    Nice one, mate! Always ready to see an MMA teacher who knows more guards
    than closed and half :)

  9. Immanuel Angelo says:

    what about a second? :)

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