MMA Surge – The Butterfly Guard

MMA guru Andrew “the Squid” Montañez takes you through the Butterfly Guard position. Get ready to flip your opponent in the air and gain the higher ground wi…

9 comments on “MMA Surge – The Butterfly Guard”

  1. TheAntManChannel says:


  2. laura gibertoni says:

    That’s not a darce choke, that’s an anaconda choke right there

  3. Immanuel Angelo says:

    awesome lesson

  4. Basit Rahman says:

    Do a video on orthodox vs southpaw stances Please!!!

  5. seandavidr says:

    Instead of getting the over hook, use that arm to trap his arm and prevent
    him from posting.

  6. The High Videos says:

    first :)

  7. The Lawzie Family says:

    What type of mat do you use? 

  8. Matt Henderson says:

    Nice one, mate! Always ready to see an MMA teacher who knows more guards
    than closed and half :)

  9. Immanuel Angelo says:

    what about a second? :)

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