16 comments on “MMA Surge – The Cobra Choke”

  1. NoLieAllTruth says:


  2. TheAntManChannel says:

    Rogan once called this a no arm darce choke or something. This is a cool
    technique, it seems to work well with people who have long arms. Nice job!

  3. Max Man says:

    Love this

  4. saif eddinne soussi says:

    good !!!!!!!!!!!! it work with the long hand thank’s 

  5. leonard smith says:

    great vid man

  6. captainCanuck96 says:

    could you guys make a video on the d’arce choke

  7. La-sha weeyums says:

    Can you make a tutorial on the crucifix?

  8. Adrian Finnikin says:


  9. FightClubStellingen says:

    so it’s a guillotine?

  10. GOZ GOZKILLER says:

    Excellent and so easy to understand 🙂
    I wll try iyt tomorrow

  11. FightStrategistMMA says:

    This also works well from a sprawl and as part of a front headlock/choke

  12. kbbbvanderson says:

    Seems a lot like a guillotine…

  13. Adrian Finnikin says:


  14. String Picker says:

    Can you pleAse make a totorial on 360 tae kwando kick

  15. snittbitotal90 says:

    i love the video’s bro, but its time for a new mat. That thing is gross.
    there’s no way people train on that

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