6 comments on “MMA Surge: The Reverse Triangle, Episode 55”

  1. Karlan Meyers says:

    So this only works if his head is down and his hips arnt in?

  2. wagama duck says:

    Guys thx for these techniques. I am using them in BJJ and its very useful
    🙂 many thanks to you :))

  3. Josue Rivera says:

    amazing move 

  4. ImFaazt says:

    What do you think is the best martial art to start with if you wanna get
    good at MMA? And why?

  5. Harley Quintero says:

    Can you make a guy pass out from that, like a blood choke? Or is it purely
    a pain submission?

  6. Joseantonio Garcia says:

    Que paso mma surge antes eras chevere

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